Types of SEO Small Businesses Can Use to Remove Negative News Articles


Small business owners swear by three things – reputation, reputation, and reputation. It might sound a dialogue from the movies, but that’s true. Most small businesses do not spend a lot of money on advertisement. They simply use the help of digital marketing and try to provide the best possible service they can. When both customer satisfaction and digital marketing strategies are on point, the business’s reputation benefits the most.

However, every day isn’t a good day. When there is the slightest of the mistakes in the delivery of the services, a small business may end up with a lot of negative reviews under their name. And that is bad news. However, there are ways with which you can remove negative news articles from Google search results.

Using SEO As A Strategy

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of increasing traffic to your website with the help of organic search engine results. It helps small businesses create a user-friendly, fast, informative, and robust website. SEO significantly increases the quality and quantity of a website that eventually becomes qualified sales.

With the help of the right kind of SEO strategy, if you can remove negative news articles from Google search results and push them lower in the search engine ranking.

There are different types of SEO strategies that you can use. For example –

  • Website SEO Services

One of the most essential services that any company looks for while looking for an online presence is Website SEO Services. The website SEO by a professional is offered to ensure your website ranks on Google, and you get more visitors to your site.

  • Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO is another type of SEO service that you must rely on. It helps you reach out to both local and international audiences and maintain your ranking. Organic SEO mainly helps your website stay on top of the Google page and remove negative news articles from Google search results.

  • SEO Audit Service 

A website needs SEO audits for various reasons. To ensure that your website is working well, and your website SEO is up to the mark as well as updated with Google terms and conditions, you must take the help of website SEO audit services. The audit service will help you find out your loopholes and figure out a plan.

  • E-commerce SEO Services

For your eCommerce website, it is essential to have higher rankings with the help of Search Engine Optimizations. With local search engine optimization and eCommerce SEO services available from a team of experts, you will help your eCommerce website to stay on the top.

  • Local SEO Services

Take the help of Local SEO Services for your local SEO needs and to get higher rankings for your website in the local in the search engines. The service providers ensure to deliver the best quality local SEO for your website that will help you get more visitors with time. When your local SEO is strategic and on-point, it becomes easier for you to remove negative news articles from Google search results.

reputation management consultants

Reputation Management Consultants to Your Rescue – How They Can Help


Did you know that to survive online, you must go through an extra mile? You sure have created your brand’s Facebook page or an Instagram profile, but that isn’t all. To ensure you’re your brand maintains a solid social and online status continuously, you must take help from reputation management consultants.

ORM or online reputation management is the demonstration of observing, tending to, or moderating SERPs. SERPs refer to Search Engine Result Pages. This can also refer to different mentions of a company or brand in online media and Web content. An organization must understand how people on the Internet perceive them online.

Without taking help from reliable and experienced reputation management consultants, you won’t be able to survive in the cruel world of the internet; where there is no room for mistakes.

Why Is Reputation Management Important?

A reputation management expert can vouch for the importance of ORM services in today’s world. If as a brand, you wish to build a good relationship with your targeted consumers, it is important to have a positive online presence.

People nowadays look for reviews online all the time. If your brand has negative reviews, consumers may not trust you entirely. But, if you have a good and positive response in an online platform, clients will love to try your brand out.

The best reputation management consultants understand how important it is for a business to have a good online presence. And that is why they have come up with the best plan for your online reputation management.

How are Reputation Management Services Different From SEO?

Online reputation management is completely different from SEO. SEO refers to search engine optimization. This means, if you have good SEO on your website, people will be able to find you online easily.

On the other hand, online reputation management is what people have written about you online. ORM shapes a consumer’s thought process based on the information available online about your company.

With the help of the right reputation management consultants, you will get the best internet reputation management services and find your way through your customer’s heart.

Why You Need Corporate Reputation Management Services?

Getting corporate reputation management service for your business is highly important for your business. It can help your company grow and flourish with time. With reputation management consultants, you can get various services like web reputation management services and local business reputation management without any hassle.

You must stress over getting your reputation management done by professionals. the reputation management process is not a piece of cake. It takes a dedicated team working for the same. A professional can create a layout of the ORM plan, and will also be ready with a backup in case anything goes wrong.

The concept of ORM is not new. It has been in there forever. People, however, have started taking it seriously only recently due to all the changing algorithms, and tactics in the online world. If you are willing to build a solid brand presence, you must take the help of reputation management consultants as well.

Why Remove Negative News Articles From Google Search Results Instantly And How?

Why Remove Negative News Articles From Google Search Results Instantly And How?


Everything comes with a price and the same happens when your business is climbing the ladder of success. The market scenario of twenty-first century is highly saturated and unpredictable risks like data threats, day to day challenges in productivity or reputation hampering is wide spread. Competitive, strategy, economic or operational risks can still be tackled with certain tactics and save an ailing business. But things can get much worse when it is a reputational risk. Reputational risk is one of the leading issues that today’s online businesses are experiencing.

Why Remove Negative News Articles From Google Search Results Instantly And How?

Delaying removal of negative news leads to greater risks

From negative comments, feedbacks to news, the review pages of websites are loaded with such intimidations which are bringing about unnecessary risks for the long-run. Reputational risk can be quite a menace for not only the current stand but the entire life span of the company. It is extremely important to resolve them before too late. If you are experiencing the same issues, learn about how to remove negative news articles from google search results from the experts of Non-stop Digital Media.

Begin a personal or organizational blog

What many companies nowadays do is start a blog that releases positive and influential contents frequently. Plenty of effort is put on these contents to influence the audience and customer psyche in a positive way so that the negative impression can be replaced. Make sure that you post optimized and high quality contents over there. This is one of the comparatively simple and yet effective ways to remove negative news articles from google search results.

Set up high ranking web 2.0 profiles

The next thing you can do is set up high ranking web 2.0 accounts. The web 2.0 is third party blogs that let you make blog on their site and create back links for your official website. It automatically and quickly boosts the ranking of your site. You are allowed to create as many blogs you want and also you can create back links just as per your requirements.

Submit google a legal removal request

This is option can be considered when the above ones has failed. Submitting Google a legal removal request will clear your website from such news that is harming your company reputation. There are certain ways to contact Google legally in such scenario. You have to simply have to fulfill those formalities and you send the request.

However there is no such guarantee that Google shall remove the negative posts just based on the request there are ideal proofs required for the removal process and to showcase transparently that your company deserves the approval at all aspects. There are certain inspections performed by the Goggle authority in these scenarios.

As said and done, the best idea is to seek professional help. One of the top recommended options would be the Non-stop Digital Media. With their expertise and years of experience, the team shall provide you with the solution that best suits you.


Remove Your Name & Information From Google Search Results


Gone is the age when traditional methods of advertising your individual business used to required rocket science. Now that business-making strategies have incorporated digitalized methods for their advertisements, business owners feel secured to make the best use of the Internet. To put it simply, digital marketing plays an integral part in boosting individual businesses. And that is plausibly why every business owner makes the right use of the Internet. In businesses, marketing happens to play a pivotal role, for sans marketing your business cannot expand that much. It is marketing that drags customers to individual platforms for buying any product. Not just products, services, in today’s generation, also make the best use of marketing in order to cater them to respective clients and clientele.  On the professional front, your information is vital to be known by as many customers to boost your business accordingly. However, not entirely is it beneficial, for the negative reviews also matter a lot. And this also affects your business as well as yourself on the personal front.

Remove Your Name & Information From Google Search Results

That being said, removing your name from the search results in Google is mandatory so as to protect your personal information from other unknown people. While it can also prevent cyber-crimes, it is a mode to help you stay secure even when you are online!

How your personal information can affect your online presence?

Negative reviews can not only affect your business but it can also draw a negative impression about your personality. After all, there’s no one on earth who wishes to be portrayed negatively to the world. This can result in psychological traumas and thus you might find yourself all the more depressed to work any further. For anyone, it wouldn’t be a good scenario to sit back at home without being engaged in any professional work.

As today’s generation folks have become more reliant on the social networking sites, the personal information is also becoming easily accessible. In case you have typed your name into the popular search engine, you can also have been surprised to get to know more information about yourself even more than what you’ve anticipated before. This can occur when you own a business and get disappointed negative reviews on the Internet. Moreover, it can also occur when you find that your full name alongside address has been available for anyone and everyone to see! Needless to say, it would be impossible to immediately wipe your personal information from the Google search results. But that doesn’t mean that the process is entirely impossible. While business owners can think that it is just impossible to work anymore without access to their personal information, here’s the best method!

Removing your personal information from Google would be the best idea both on the professional and personal front. To resolve all your traumas and problems, here’s what you can do. Regardless of whether or not you own a business, here’s presenting everything related to how to remove your name from Google.

How to Remove Your Personal Information from Google?

The culture of today’s fast-paced world continues to move at a fast pace with the Internet. And with that, the personal information that might have just been visible to friends and close ones are easily accessible to the public now. This results in making your private information public. And when you find that after searching your name on the search engine you get all your personal information, that’s only because of the information you gave which aren’t private anymore! So what’s next? To put it simply, you can remove your personal information from Google. And in case you have been scratching your head just to get the best answer as to how to remove my name from Google, here’s presenting the best ways!

But before that, here’s why Google won’t ever remove your personal information!

The core product of Google avails them to the searchers with the best use of web search and index pages. As Google itself doesn’t control its information on the pages, the info would generally get removed from the index only when the site owner removes the page by blocking any content from the respective search engines. As a matter of fact, exceptions to this particular product do exist! In general, you would have to first remove the info from the Internet and then ask Google for removing it accordingly. To know more about the ways, read on.

  1. Customize Your Personal Information and Keep it Private

Ideally speaking, the private information about you would never show up in the Google search engine. For ensuring this particular thing, you have to keep certain things in mind. That being said, you should always make sure to be concerned about your online presence such as photos, reviews, or other things on the social media platforms that can also end up making your online presence more visible. In case you are on the social media platforms, you have to generally customize the profile settings in order to keep them private!

For instance, if you’re on Facebook, you’ve to make sure that you visit the ‘account’ option. Upon then, go to the ‘Privacy Settings’ option. After that, you can customize the settings from other aspects of the account that you hold. You can keep the information to ‘friends only’. As a matter of fact, you can even set the ‘basic directory information’ to friends. You can even keep the Facebook profile from entirely showing up in the search engine. You can deselect the option mentioning ‘Enable public search’ which is present right under the Privacy Settings >> Applications & Websites >> Public Search >> Edit Settings.

  1. Remove Your Contents from the Site You Don’t Own

At times, instead of implementing your best efforts, the private information might end up getting public. Hence, what you can do is to prevent it. While you can ask Google to remove the respective contents, not always it is possible! So what you can do is follow the steps as mentioned here.

STEP 1: First and foremost, you have to contact the site owner and ask the content to be removed from that particular page. You can even ask for the removal of the page from the search engines.

STEP 2: Once you are done with this, Google will now recrawl the page as the part of the normal indexing procedure. As a matter of fact, the content will no longer be there in the search results upon the occurrence of this.

In case you want to spend up to the process, you specifically can request Google to remove the content from the index. You only have to remember that you can make this particular request once the content doesn’t exist on the Internet.

How to Speed up the Removal Procedure?

You can speed up the removal procedure by the following method.

  • First off, access the public removal tool of Google
  • Second, choose the option mentioning “New removal request”
  • Third, enter the respective URL which you want to remove from Google’s search engines.

After that, you are required to do the following things.

  • In case the site owner has already removed the page or blocked it, then you can choose the ‘Webmaster has already blocked the page’ option and then choose checkbox which mentions “says the page returns a 404/410, or has been blocked by robots.txt or a noindex meta tag:”
  • After that, Google will then check for ensuring that the page no longer has its existence or has been blocked from Google.
  • In case the owner has already modified the page so that no personal information of yours appears, then you have to select the option mentioning ‘Content has already been removed from the page”.
  • After that, you are required to enter the term which has already been removed from that page:

You have to note that the terms have to be removed from the page. Not just that, they can never appear elsewhere. Google will then check the page in order to check the existence of the page and will remove the copy accordingly.

  1. Removing Your Sensitive Info from Google when the Website Owner doesn’t Remove it

In case you contact the website owner but you cannot get the content removed from the website, then you end up without contacting the site owner. There’s not much that you can do about it. But, for some situations, you can contact Google and get the content removed accordingly.

  1. When the Negative Info Appears about You on Google

Suppose you own a business and someone posts some negative comment about the product. Or suppose someone writes the article about you which presents you negatively. In such a scenario, you cannot get the website owner to remove those contents. Neither can you ask Google for removing the information! You cannot post additional information, for it might add more negative search results. In such a scenario, just go through the tips to manage your reputation on the web.

  1. Remove the Info from Other Respective Google Products

Other than the web search, your personal information might appear in the products as well. So, if you want to know more about this, here’s presenting the products which may contain your personal information!

  • Google Phonebook –

Google Phonebook makes the best use of the third-party data in order to populate the listings. As a result, the results from the Google Phonebook in the search results come with a phone icon which is placed right beside them. One can request Google not to display the residential address or the phone number from the data by using this phonebook. But you will have to note that the phone number might already appear in the search results once when it is removed from Google. The information might be coming from the Internet or the listing of Google Maps.

  • Google Maps –

Google Maps also make the best use of third-party data. And at times, there are inadvertently displays that come with personal contact details in the place of the details concerning the business. In case you are the verified business owner, then you would be able to correct this particular information! If the information about the business that you don’t own keeps on displaying the personal contact information, then you can even edit this information directly.

  • Blogger –

Google doesn’t remove the content from the blogging platform. Nevertheless, you can even respect to remove the content which is violating the terms and services of Bloggers. In case someone is impersonating the use of your real name, then you might request for an investigation!

  • Google Groups –

Google Groups happens to be the discussion forum platform, and from here, Google doesn’t remove the contents.

  • Google Video & YouTube –

These are the video platforms which would enable the users to share specific contents. Google doesn’t remove the contents which are owned by others. However, you might request to remove the copyrighted material or which is violating the terms of services.

  • Google Street View –

Google Street View helps in showing the photos of some map-related date. They include homes, people, vehicles, and more. As a matter of fact, Google always attempts to blur the details like faces & license plate numbers. One can request the photos of yourself, car, or to be removed.  For that, one has to visit the Google maps & zoom into that area containing your personal photo. After that, you are required to tap on the “report a problem” link and then choose the “privacy concerns, then a face, my house, or my car/a license plate” option accordingly.

What’s the Permanent Measure?

Initiating right from scratch might seem extreme to you. However, in certain cases, this could also be worth what you consider. The deletion of your email accounts, e-commerce services, or social media would never immediately destroy your personal. However, over time it would definitely help them less likely of appearing. You just need to make sure that right before you take this step, you must back up the date which you want to keep!

Remove Negative Links, Information, and Content from Google search results

Remove Negative Links, Information and Content from Google Search Results


With SEO being an integral part of this 21st century’s digital marketing world, business owners see the light of the day more effortlessly. The website visibility can also expand to a higher position only when a smart business owner makes the best use of SEO and digital marketing overall. From user traffic to conversation rate, smart digital marketing techniques have the ability to take your business-making scenes to a whole new level. So, with the right use of digital marketing strategies, your business can expand with flying colors and that too at a fast pace.

Remove Negative Links, Information, and Content from Google search results

The Importance of Online Reviews

While digital marketing has the ability to make your business grow at a lightning speed, it also has the capability of making your business run in loss. That’s how the significance of online reviews comes into the frame. Running an online business helps you to be familiar with the importance of customer reviews. When any customer buys a product, it is always recommendable to check the online reviews in the first place. After all, the online reviews are what help you find a better way to get hold of the product that you wish to buy. In fact, a whopping percentage of consumers always find it convincing to first get hold of the online reviews and then buy the product accordingly. After all, when you view a product’s review it is an experience that a customer shares after using it! So in this world of jet-age technology, the importance of online reviews is in plenty.

How do Negative Links Affect Your Business?

Needless to say, negative news travel faster than time. And if this happens in the industry of business, then it can even make your business run in loss. So, in a nutshell, while positive reviews let customers walk an extra mile to see the specifications and features of the product, negative reviews just the opposite thing. And this results in introducing negative contents on Google. While negative reviews are just a way of expressing the bad experience of customers, negative contents just boost the aforementioned fact. Not only does the negative reviews damage to prestige, but it also damages the trustworthiness and profitability of your business. When ten positive reviews can boost your business, one negative review has the ability to drive away apparently 22% of the customers. And three negative reviews have the ability to drive away around 59% of customers in a nutshell. As a matter of fact, a single negative review has the ability to cost the business around a total of 30 customers. There are people who always hesitate to buy from the businesses with absolutely no reviews or too many of the negative reviews. Hence, the negative impact of negative reviews plays a role in the making of purchase of the product from the online market.

In accordance with the things as aforementioned, it becomes important for honest business owners to first check the negative reviews of their product and then remove it from the Internet. So, as a business owner, you would always require knowing some strategies to remove negative links from Google that might affect your business. After all, you never know whosoever posts a negative feedback and then it is seen by many people who wish to buy the product. Psychologically speaking, this impacts negatively in boosting your business. Hence, it becomes important to proceed with effective strategies. To know more on this front, keep reading on.

How to Remove Negative Information from Google?

To know about the strategies to remove negative information from Google, this guide will enlighten you about the best methods to do so. In case you want to know more about it, keep reading on.

Method 1: Get those negative search results taken down

Burring negative search results from Google is possible and for that, you need to get those search results taken down right directly. You should always remember that this would never work in each and every case. However, in certain cases, the steps to build an effective personal brand become essential. There might be serious downfalls when you attempt at removing these requires. So you should always take these below-offered questions seriously. Want to know more? Here’s presenting the list!

  • Were you the one posting the content?

You need to make sure whether or not the negative search result stems from any blog post. This becomes important in the first place. You should also make sure whether or not the content comes from any account which you access! In case it is so, then delete it right away. You don’t really need to bury the results just in case you are controlling them. Just remove anything and everything that are associated with the content.

  • Is the writer your friend?

Find out whether or not your friend posted something about you which might hurt you on the academic or professional front. In case it is so, then just ask him to take it down. And as aforementioned, this can even resurface elsewhere. However, this is the first and foremost step. So, you should always try to push for its removal.

  • Is it an acquaintance or someone you’re on great terms?

You should feel free and reach out to the person as you would ever to a friend. But make sure that you are polite and communicative enough to drag the conversation and present your outlook towards the resolving method. In case someone is not focused on the personal brand, then they might be oblivious to how the content can affect individual personal reputation.

  • Will ‘Right to be Forgotten’ applicable in this situation?

You have to check whether or not the content falls within standards of the removal based on the Right to be Forgotten of Google. But this, of course, is dependent on whatsoever place you reside.

  • Is the content owner anonymous?

Sending an email to someone would actually be great when it comes to asking someone to remove the content or feedback. There would be no questions asked and that’s the ideal situation when you get the chance of asking the person to remove the content and that too so politely without even dragging the conversation! It is apparently possible to get the content(s) removed. As a matter of fact, there are some risks associated with it, but it’s certainly not impossible. In case you’re dealing with an anonymous troll, then you should proceed with caution every time. It may not go as planned to ask an anonymous person to remove the content. And there will be the chance that the respective owner might not just refuse to take down the content but even make the situation worse than ever.  But this certainly depends on the circumstances concerning the negative results. In case you are dealing with such folk, then there will always be the chance that this person can choose to make the situation worse. So, it would be a smart idea to take one moment and then analyze the respective situation. At times, it is always better to be left alone and contact the site owner accordingly. And spending time with effective strategies would be a great idea to bury all those negative results from Google.

  • Does the content come from a government or news website?

In case you’re dealing with any government website, then it would be unlikely that you can also get the documents that are of the public record removed. Nevertheless, you should always feel free to do a little digging on the site for seeing whether or not there are processes in the place for maintaining privacy. And concerning dealing with the news outlet, in case something happens becomes inaccurate, then you can mail them and write the retraction or correction!

Method 2: Pay for the Services Claiming to Resolve

In case the owner for the offending content refuses to take this down, then you can also get tempted to turn to pay the removal services. Sadly, this can be a tremendously expensive and arduous process when it comes to removal. At times, the negotiations that are associated with the process can also take to bury the negative results from Google. As a matter of fact, there are multiple reasons for this. However, the two are negotiation and time. There are website owners who tend to be protective of the content and already have spent time or when building it. That’s exactly why they always tend to not be receptive to the idea of removing these. At times, the contact details are also not checked, meaning that the time you spend simply by waiting to listen to the answer can actually be too long! As a matter of fact, there are a couple of businesses popping up the place and claiming that they can even bury negative results from Google and fix the online presence accordingly. But the fact is that no one actually has the ability to control the Google results entirely.

Method 3: Running a Social media campaign is effective

remove negative content from Google

In case you want to remove negative content from Google, then this approach is supposed to be handled with care. In case you have invested time in creating your online presence already, then you can continue to be active on the sites to see positive changes! As a matter of fact, changes can actually last for a long period of time. This happens to be the foundation that is recommended initially when folks wish to bury the negative results from Google. Nevertheless, in case you need a little boost with the particular objective kept in mind, then you should always consider getting hold of a paid social media campaign. Not only does it increase brand awareness but it also helps in getting certain kinds of social media engagements!

Method 4: Create Positive Contents and Bury the Negative Results

The finest way to combat all negative results is for suppressing them with other positive contents! So, rather than spending quality time and investing money on the tactic that might not lead you to long-term solutions, you can actually create quality contents and build your online presence effectively. In addition to that, you can also engage on social media platforms where you create and connect with preferable communities. This also helps you in creating a network of accurate and relevant content. Not just that, it also helps in building quality web properties that raises your brand higher in the search results in Google. It is fairly straightforward and simple to understand the process of removing negative articles and contents from Google. The only strategy is just being consistent and patient enough to understand it effectively. However, this is exactly where most people end up floundering and get desperate for a quick troubleshooting method. So, in case you follow the steps carefully, the process would just be a piece of cake.

Method 5: Learn More about Google Suppression Services

Instead of setting up a call with a reputation advisor, you can learn more about Google Suppression Services. To put it simply, you can contact them through the email or chat and find more information.

What’s next?

Now that you have been familiar with the methods to remove negative articles and information from Google’s search results, you can proceed effectively. Thus, this gives closure to the guide to know about the methods to remove negative contents from Google. Hopefully, this guide has given you a fair idea about how to bury negative links and contents from Google which might be hurting your respective online reputation. However, there’s always more to learn and put into the practice. So, it would be better for you to continue educating yourself about this. To know more on this front, you can perform your survey with the best use of the Internet!


Remove Ripoff Report from Google Search Results


Business-making in today’s generation doesn’t require rocket science anymore. After all, with so many options right at one’s fingertip, a business can expand with flying colors. The newer advancement of technology helps businesses and companies see the light of the day through the best use of the Internet! But what gives you success has the ability to put it back to square one too! And thus, the use of the Internet can also bother your business to some extent. In accordance with what is said right above, a scathing review written on the Internet can also make your business run in loss.

Remove Ripoff report from Google search results

That’s where the importance of removing the fake reports from Google comes into the picture. And that’s where the importance of knowing about how to remove Ripoff Report from Google comes into being. But first off, read about the significance of customer reviews before buying any product or receiving respective services.

Why Customer Reviews Matter?

If you’re running an online business, you must have been familiar with the importance of customer reviews. A product is always better to be reviewed and then purchased. After all, what you review is the experience that the respective customers are sharing on the Internet. In fact, a whopping percentage of customers first read the reviews and then proceed with any purchasing decision. And that’s how intelligent customers proceed with the online purchase. So, a customer review has a lot of importance, in a business-oriented world. While ten good customer reviews can expand your business, one bad Ripoff Report can gradually make your business decrease its profit-making scenes. Whether or not you are familiar with what Ripoff Reports are, here’s presenting the importance and downfall of the site.

Ripoff Report –Significance& Downfall

Ripoff Report, as you already have known, helps you identify which business is actually reputable and which ones are not. However, at times, due to fake reports, it can create a bad impression of your company too. Creating an account is most important for commenting about the company on the site. And when someone views the bad comments via this site, the identity of the customers is hidden. So, whosoever is commenting bad review about the company; he or she isn’t identified in any way. In a nutshell, it is something opposite to a good customer review. While on the user’s front it is beneficial, it certainly doesn’t make it entirely advantageous for all honest business owners. And this is because it allows customers to share their complaints about any company or firm and that too anonymously. For the honest and hardworking businessmen who have been feeling frustrated and helpless due to negative fake comments on Ripoff, here’s what you can do!

How to Remove Ripoff Report from Google?

Ever wondered how a bad news can affect your business? While negative news travels faster than time, it has the ability to decrease your profit making scenarios in your business. And it is true that negative vibes can affect every individual both mentally and physically. Same goes for the negative comments that are spread on the Internet. But what if that’s not true about your company? The best way you can deal with negative comments on Ripoff and remove the fake ones from Google is by reading the list of things as mentioned right below. To remove negative content from Google, keep reading on.



Adding a ‘Rebuttal’ comment to the Offending Report

Rebuttals are something that appears beneath any original post. While it doesn’t have the ability to change the negative comments, it appears in any original listing. This is also a blurb which usually shows up in the SEO results. As a matter of fact, it can even make things worse by offering more contents for the search engines to the index. What you can do is follow this free tip. In case you post a rebuttal comment, just avoid using words or names which will give search engines more keyword terms in order to find. Rather than saying anything that gives a hint at a name, you can try using a common noun instead.

Paying off the Ripoff Report to Join ‘Corporate Advocacy Program’

Ripoff Report can perform investigations into the reports which are made about the business owner. Even if the reports are true, the report may indicate that you have already resolved the reports. The original report will always remain on the web. But the best part is that the positive contents would appear right above the respective negative report. While it doesn’t change the fact that your company or business has been listed on the ‘Ripoff Report’, it certainly helps you get a better way to communicate positively with individual customers. As a matter of fact, the Ripoff report offers the VIP Arbitration Program.

Suing the Original Report’s Author

There are a couple of folks who take this particular path because the original author rarely has financial resources for paying for the monetary judgment which can be obtained. In addition to that, the Ripoff Report would not allow the original author for removing some offending report anyway.Hence, getting the court injunction that requires them to remove the negative reports is certainly of little value.

Hiring a Reputable Firm to ‘Bury’ the Respective Ripoff Report

The reputation management firms can devote countless hours for creating the additional positive articles, websites, and other media contents about you in efforts to push some offending Ripoff Report. In certain cases, efforts happen to be successful. However, in other, the Ripoff Report listings are strong for pushing down permanently and that damage still continues.Since the SEO efforts require ongoing efforts, any type of success can get short-lived accordingly.

Suing the Ripoff Report

Almost all the lawsuits against the Ripoff Report have had the little success because of the protections that Ripoff Report enjoys under the act of Communications Decency. The Ripoff Report is believed to be entirely immune from liability. It fights the lawsuits which are brought against it, thereby making it one of the most expensive and least effective options as of now.

Getting Google for Delisting the Ripoff Report

A far better-known option is there that you would be able to find. And it absolutely works wonderfully. To follow the steps to remove your ripoff report from Google, keep reading on.

  • First off, you are required to file the lawsuit against the original author of Ripoff reports for false light, business disparagement, defamation, or other related claims that happens to be legally appropriate. The point is that you have to give a proof about the case in the court of law. You also have the burden for proving the report made about the company or business you own is false.You have to be honest with yourself! In case you find the report about you is true, you don’t require any valid claim for defamation. As a matter of fact, this option won’t work for you! The only key is being capable of proving the case in the court of law.You can only sue the author of the given report, and not sue Google itself. The lawsuit will also cost a fortune and fail very quickly.
  • Second, you can obtain the court order that declares the offending report that is expected to be defamatory and false. This also assumes that you win the case. The content of the order can also take multiple forms. But you have to make sure that you seek the order referring to the respective offending the report specifically.
  • Third, you should present the court order to Google directly. As per experiences, Google will always honor the court order and entirely remove the offending page from the search index. The offending report will appear on the Ripoff website. But the reference to this particular report in the search index of Google will be gone. In addition to that, Google will display right at the search results page’s bottom where the respective Ripoff Report will appear with a statement.




Why do you require the court order?

It is evidently true that you can’t speak for Google. But Google won’t ever remove the defamatory webpages from the search index sans a definite court order. In case you put yourself in the shoe, then you are required to get a court order. And this evidently makes sense. Nothing unlike other search engines, Google, too wants to be a neutral option with respect to what contents it shows in the search result. And in this Internet-oriented world, trusting Google is quite evident for people. Google doesn’t violate that trust either by adjusting the search results that are based on the defamation claims which might get easily fabricated. And with the court orders, the game changes!

In case you are someone who wishes to be neutral, you cannot say anything which is socially not possible. Instead, you have to have that respect towards the role of the proper arbiters of society and legal disputes, i.e., the judges & the juries. The judicial system might not be the perfect one here, but it happens to be the best way to deal with such things. It can also safeguard you and protect the rights of the parties. Honoring the court orders lets Google exercise the responsible neutrality.

While the best medicine is prevention always, one must try and avoid getting listed on such websites with a Ripoff Report. Conducting business can even be a great idea. The parties don’t require resorting to the sort of guerrilla cyber-warfare. And mudslinging on the web happens to be a two-way street. As a matter of fact, it is hard to undo when once it’s out!

In case you find yourself getting down from the path with the opposing party, you need to swallow y0our pride first off. Just keep on biting your lip till you find success. Do whatsoever it takes for keeping them from making additional negative postings. However, when you find yourself the ultimate victim of the damaging reports on the website, you can have the option to stem that particular damage. This isn’t perfect. But when it’s successful, it is better than other options which you might have in the long run.

Why it is better to not sue Ripoff Report contrarily?

You can always sue Ripoff report at your own risk. But before you do so, there are certain things that you require understanding. That being said, the ripoff Report happens to be protected by the Communications Decency Act. And the act has the ability to eliminate the responsibility for the Ripoff Report. In addition, it does not hold accountable for such reviews which are right on the website. This is exactly why the Ripoff Report has legal standing. And this is evidently why the reports never are against a lawsuit.

After Everything Else

Even if you feel you have a strong case against the website, suing would be time-consuming and expensive too. The judge might dismiss the case and ask you to pay for the legal fees. You can contact an efficient team who are experienced in this field just to help you with all their support.


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Get the Trusted Assistance From the Foremost Ripoff Report Removal Service


The Ripoff report is a consumer complaint website and its intent is to empower the consumers. The only problem with this website when it comes to online businesses is that it allows anyone to write a review about a business with the only verification being that of an email ID. Since there is no way of checking facts for this website, anyone and everyone can write a review and sometimes that happens with the only intent of maligning the company.

In such a situation, you need the trusted aide of an experienced online reputation management company like Nonstop Digital Media.

Ripoff report has the immunity under law because it offers the freedom of expression to the consumers but it can spell doom for an online business. This is why you need the assistance of an experienced company like Nonstop Media to help you handle the problems at hand. The following are some of the ways in which the ripoff report removal service of the company works.

Understanding the authenticity of the reviews

You will need to understand the authenticity of the reviews to address the problem. Nonstop Digital Media will work with you in understanding the authenticity of the problem. They will advise you to address the problem only if it is a real issue of your business and in case it is just an attempt to malign you, they will take the steps to ensure it does not affect you.

Non Stop Digital Media

Bury the negative reviews in search results

The ripoff report removal service as offered by Nonstop Digital Media will help you in burying the reviews in the search results. They will actually put up so many positive pages and reviews about your business that the negative review will stay buried for good. The company is dedicated in the creation of original content for your company is different media. The SEO expertise of the company will ensure that viewers looking for your services only get to read the good things about you.

Nonstop Digital Media will make sure that the client is involved in every step of the process to ensure transparency. They act as a trusted partner in your journey to make sure that your business soars without any negativity.

Online Reputation Management Consultants

Take the Right Steps of Search Engine Reputation Management to Remove Negative Mentions


Anyone who is into an online business understands the need to maintain a stellar reputation in the digital world. The last thing that an organization wants is to end up losing money because there were a number of negative comments from the customers. This factor rings the most true when you consider your reputation online.

In the age of internet, everyone gets a voice and they know how to make that voice heard just by typing a few sentences. Thus, you need the expert services of search engine reputation management from a company that knows all the tricks of the trade.

Nonstop Digital Media is the one whose services you need to make sure you have a reputation online that is not tarnished by negative comments or reviews. Here is a list of services that you get from Nonstop Digital Media which makes them one of the foremost companies in the business right now.

Monitoring your reputation

One of the prime responsibilities taken up by a company working in search engine reputation management is monitoring the reputation of the client. Nonstop Digital Media will always keep a track of what people are saying about your business online. Thus, they are quick to act if any negative review comes up about your business.

Nonstop Digital Media

Claiming the Search Engine Results Pages

After you have locked down the Search Engine Results Pages, it is hard for any negative comments to come in and the people looking for your business will not actually come across a negative mention. The objective of the reputation managers you hire is thus, creating a number of strong pages built for your brand name which have the potential to garner a good rank. These strong pages relate to creating multiple websites, social media profiles, and also contributing to other publications.

Proper usage of social media

Any digital marketer would agree that social media is one of the strongest mediums for any business online. The reputation mangers would effectively interact with the customers that you have and thus engage them in a manner that does away with any negative mentions you can have on the search engine pages.

Online Reputation Management Consultants

Hire The Top Online Reputation Management Consultants to Make Your Business Soar


The online world is currently one of the most powerful platforms for the consumers to express and share their views. Evidently, consumers now call the shots as they are the ones controlling the public views about a business. Thus, companies have to remain proactive in the management of their reputation and reviews. Online reputation management, simply stating, is the process of managing and monitoring the online reviews of a company.

The common saying that first impressions are everything holds true for online businesses as well. For instance, consider that Mr. X is looking for a Thai restaurant and upon finding one on Google all he sees are negative reviews. His first impression about that restaurant will not be good and he will not consider going to the restaurant.

Thus, these online reviews are what make a business count. This is where the services of Nonstop Digital media come into the picture as one of the fore most online reputation management consultants in the country. Let’s take a look at how Nonstop Digital Media can aid in making sure your business puts the best foot forward online.

The ways to manage your reputation online

One of the major ways that online reputation management consultants like Nonstop Digital Media can aid you is by differentiating between genuine and fake reviews. There are certain reviews which provide genuine comments while some are trying to get compensation by writing a fake review.

Accountability is the key when it comes to negative reviews. Your consultants will help you understand the issues at hand. Gauging the situation thoroughly, the consultants will help you know if you need to offer compensation or simply report it to Google to take down that review.

Online Reputation Management Consultants

The consultants will also help you in dealing with negative reviews in more ways than one. The organizations will creative positive contents for your business and promote it in a way that the negativity is pushed down in the search results. It will create enough citations to strengthen your online presence. The online reputation managers will send out emails to your happy customers in a way of encouraging more positive reviews for your business.