Birth of e-commerce

With the advent of the internet people are now inclined on searching the internet for buying any product and services. Those days are now history when people believed that marketing is an offline concept. Digital marketing has got a new boom with augmented support of the superior search engines and huge platform of social media websites. Digital marketing has created a new dimension for the young entrepreneurs and helped the small companies to flourish. Digital revolution thus gave birth to E-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal and many other companies.

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Whooping rise of digital marketing

As per the researches done by the Direct Marketing Associations a report has revealed that shows the worth of the Digital marketing sector is $62 billion. This rise is whopping if someone considers the rise of advertising through tablets and mobiles. This rise is somewhat 180% and it can touch $7.2 billion in near future. The main problem lies with the exposure of this digital marketing among the fresh graduates. Quite a considerable percentage of fresh graduates are not at all aware of the fact of entrepreneurship through digital marketing. Graduates from the field of commerce or engineering can gain some knowledge about the aspects and future of various fields of digital marketing. This will definitely create a new angle and youngsters can start their own company rather than serving the purpose of others.

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Career opportunities for fresh graduates & youngsters

Youngsters can choose these fields as their career opportunities. Just a brief description of each sector is provided here.

  1. Mobile marketing

Mobile devices are very much abundant and everyone has got a prized possession of mobile nowadays. Marketing through mobile phones allows people to get instant updates, information and promo offers.

  1. Email marketing

Frequent mails from the companies are sent to the customer to inform them about the brands new promotions, periodic newsletters and other kind of CSR activities.

  1. Web Analytics

This allows increasing the traffic of a website and enables people to do market researches and provides a report about the traffic of the website.

  1. SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a procedure of increasing the rank of the webpage in Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines.

  1. SMM

Social Media Marketing involves the promotion of the brands in the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

  1. Pay per click

Pay per click or in short PPC is a typical form of Internet marketing where the advertiser pays the search engine, every time his Ads get a hit. At initial stage the cost is low but when the ad becomes popular it increases. But this costing is not at all a problem for the advertiser because he earns a good profit by selling his service or product through this kind of advertisement. These types of ads are found in Google or Bing search results, whenever we search on the search engine providing a keyword. Related matches provide us with those sponsored ads.

  1. ORM

Defending the reputation of the company over the internet is very much necessary.The customers are known to provide negative feedbacks about the products and services when they are dissatisfied.With the help of online reputation management companies it becomes easier for the officials to sort out the problem and take a look on them. The online reputation management company generally helps to defend these issues.

  1. Banner & ads design

In this new age of web promotion, designing the best banner for your company is the smartest way to expand your business.Designing the most ethnic banner is done to catch the viewer attention. Design of these banners must be done in such a way that when the person clicks on the banner advertisement, he gets redirected to the main website of the company easily.

  1. Video advertising

Video advertising is done in the form of commercial ads. These ads are generally very short with stories made on promoting the product of the company. Short and compact stories with catchy dialogues are the base of these video advertisings through which these advertises reaches the customer base.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This is a type of marketing based on the performance of the affiliates who actually brings the customer on their own effort and the company thus rewards back to the affiliates for bringing each customer or visitor. Affiliate marketing is bit different than other type of marketing as it requires daily advertising.

If any student wants to do digital marketing courses, they can opt for the certificate courses as they are of very short period. These short term courses are generally of 2-6 weeks’ time providing specialization on a single sector of digital. In the long term courses generally all the fields are covered and the packages offered at the time of joining any company is also very high.