PPC Management Consultants For ECommerce Website

PPC Management Consultants For ECommerce Website


PPC advertising in recent years have garnered a lot of attention owing to the fact that it can help your website to attract a lot of traffic. On the other hand, keywords in PPC lay emphasis on the fact that they can be easily found and has relevance to the visitor’s search query. On the other hand, search engine optimization is another way with the help of which you can attract fruitful visitors to your site. In order to reap success from AdWords and PPC advertising, you need to take into account the frequencies of the Google auction that takes place. The auction gets run billions of times each month. The management consultants always employ Facebook and Bing Ads to reap success for your company.

PPC Management Consultants For ECommerce Website

The relevance of keywords for PPC advertising

The PPC Management Consultants for eCommerce Website in form of Non Stop Digital Media would advise that the advertisers must place a bid on the conditions they wish to trigger or display, their ads. All these terms are collectively known as keywords. For instance, if your business specializes in camping equipment, a user willing to buy a new tent, portable stove, or sleeping bag has a possibility of entering a keyword like camping equipment on the search engine to find the retailers who are offering the relevant items. Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords, it makes sense that the keywords would work. For the most part, the PPC Management Consultants for eCommerce Website at Non Stop Digital media has found Google AdWords to be effective. However, care must be taken not to write low CTR advertisements.

How Does PPC bidding function Work?

The actual position of your advertisement is always determined by the rank of your Ads. In this context, it is interesting to note that the highest grade usually attains the first ad position. It is also important to note that AdWords typically show ads at lower position with low-quality scores. The converse of this notion is also true. Those with high quality scores get higher ranks and lower CPC rates. Hence, one must always be on the lookout to start bidding with the more senior classes. You are also eligible to enter the auction when you are bidding on the keywords that are relevant to the user.

What is Quality Score in Pay Per Click Marketing?

It is a metric that is used by Google to determine how relevant your ad is the search results to the users. It is primarily based on the CTR of your advertisement. It also lays emphasis on the relevance of the keyword that you have used. PPC management also plays a crucial role in making sure that you are investing heavily on those keywords that have relevance. If your Quality Score is higher, then these keywords would save you a lot of money and would earn you better rankings in the advertisement world. One can also determine the position of the advertisement with respect to all the other advertisements in the online world.


PPC Management Experts For ECommerce Website


Credit should be given to the internet that has enabled us to get the details that we require to take the company to the next level. Among the indirect ways of promoting the business, the PPC or the Pay per Click supporting model is ruling the charts. With calculated steps, one can achieve the desired results in the virtual arena of marketing.

Concept of Pay-Per-Click marketing

It is a way in which any good or service provider can use the online platform to get the clients and in turn, promote the company. Whenever you open a page, you see advertisements popping up on top or the sides of the page. These are promotion strategies, which the online marketing experts advocate.

The PPC Management Experts for eCommerce Website would advise to pay for the promotion that they seek in the online world. With the PPC advertising services, one will not have to pay the promotion fee directly, but the advertiser will end up paying a specific payment as soon as any interested client clicks on any published ads. Clicking on the ads enables the owner of the company to redirect the clients to the authorized site of the organization. In short, the owner is purchasing the clients indirectly.

Best PPC service platform

If you desire to get a good response via the PPC advertising services, then it is mandatory that you select a platform that will prove to be fruitful. The PPC Management Experts for eCommerce Website would also ask you to take the assistance of the Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Yahoo etc. The platform will allow the business owners to publish promotional messages on any website that happens to be a property of the Google Company.

Google is by far the most popular search engines that people use. It, in turn, means that the promotional message has the potential of reaching many people. If you want to enhance the chances of getting positive PPC results, then opting for the Google AdWord, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Yahoo services will be ideal. Only with expert assistance will one be able to harness the real power of PPC services. Calculated steps or strategies must be followed to get the desired results.

Is PPC advertising right for your Products & brand?

It is important to note that PPC advertising offers a unique opportunity to grow your customer base. It is so because you can easily connect with searchers who are actively looking for services and products that resembles like yours. You can respond quickly to their need by looking at their search query related to your products or brand terms. You can also generate sales at low costs. PPC marketing also plays a very crucial role to reach leads and prospects so that the interested visitors can add to the traffic of your site. One can even a generate discount from various search engines. On the other hand, you can also take help from nonstop digital media’s experts to ask about various strategies.

How To Remove A Google Search Result With Your Name?

How To Remove A Google Search Result With Your Name?


Your worst nightmare would be to witness a Google search result with your name or your organization’s name. All the hard work that you have put in would merely go into vain with a negative search result associated with your name. On the other hand, the moment you would notice a bad review or negative remarks, you would be itching to remove it. This is where we at Non stop Digital Media play a crucial role. Our experts strive hard to erase bad comments linked to your name in Google search results.

The process of removing search result from Google

One of the ways with the help of which you can diminish a search result associated with your name is by reverse SEO. The experts at Non stop Digital Media would advise you on how to remove a Google search result with your name just by making you aware of the fundamentals of reverse SEO. It is also important to note that reverse SEO uses a plethora of techniques causing the actual pages to feature above the negative results. With the help of this method, your admirers would not find any negative comments related to your name in Google.

How To Remove A Google Search Result With Your Name?

What are the ways to suppress a bad link?

The experts at Non stop Digital Media would provide suggestions to you on how to remove a Google search result with your name by taking into account the following aspects.

  • You can opt to start a blog of your company to publish excellent content on a regular basis.
  • You have to set up social media profiles and be active on all of them.
  • We would advise you to publish other types of media like podcasts and videos on a regular basis.
  • We would suggest you create quality content as this would help you to suppress your lousy reputation in the online world.
  • You can also opt to leave positive and useful comments on the influential websites within the domain of your industry.
  • We would also advise you to publish expert service in professional forums. It is an excellent way to ensuring that you cast a positive influence.

Contact us at the earliest to turn negative comments into positive ones.

How To Remove Negative Reviews From Google search Results

How To Remove Negative Reviews From Google search Results?


Negativity is neither good in the life of a human being nor is it desirable during marketing campaigns. The health and well-being of the business rest on the potential of the promotional strategies, especially in the virtual area. The scope of changing the mind of the probable clients with the sweet talks of the salesperson is unavailable in the online market. Thus, the business owner must rely on the PPC or other campaign strategies. One of the worst thing that can ever happen to an organization is a bad result on the first page of the Google. However, you do not need to panic as the experts at non stop digital media have devised a strategy that works wonders.

Eliminating links from the internet

One of the direct ways to remove harmful search results from Google is to reduce it from the internet altogether. By removing the link, you are making sure that Google no longer has the wrong effect with which it can link your visitors. However, eliminating connections from the internet is easier said than done. The reputation managers would advise you a plethora of techniques on how to remove negative reviews from Google search results. Links on the online world are of two types. Website or links you own and the ones you do not hold.

Removing the pages you own

In case of how to remove negative reviews from Google search results, you just need to optimize the profiles or links of the page that you own. You can also improve the information on that page so that it portrays your business in the limelight.

How To Remove Negative Reviews From Google search Results

Removing the pages, you do not own

In case you want to remove negative reviews from sites you do not own, you can contact the owner of the website to remove the harmful content. However, it is always possible that the site owners would ignore your e-mails. But it is a process that is worth trying. You can also ask for help from various legal authorities as well as Google. Moreover, for false information, you can always contact Google.

How To Push Down Negative Search Results On Google

How To Push Down Negative Search Results On Google?


Marketing has taken on a new and improved image in the recent times. With the assistance of the intent, one can get all information related to any reasonable and service providing company. With proper keywords, one will be able to get the required information, not only about the things that the companies will offer but also about the quality of the services. One can even make a comparative study of the fee and service quality of one company with another.

Thus, the competition between agencies is waging in full scale. It is this rivalry that has prompted the companies to take extreme measure to secure the lion’s share in the market. Many companies resort to malpractices like posting negative comments about another group to malign the name and reputation. So, it is mandatory that one take necessary measures to suppress negative search results.

The need to maintain reputation by deleting negative reviews

If the status of the company is marred by the presence of negative comments, then the owner must not waste any time in getting rid of these comments in proactive ways. In case of a Ripoff, it becomes impossible to delete the posts, but in particular and strategic posts, the owner of the agency will be able to bury these incendiary comments.

However, there are specific steps advised by experts at nonstop digital media on how to push down negative search results on Google. For instance, you have to manage and create public profiles. It is so because specific sites usually feature high on individual search results. Your privacy settings should be general.

How To Push Down Negative Search Results On Google

Another way devised by our experts on how to push down negative search results on Google lies in posting content publicly in articles, forums, and social media etc. On the other hand, you should also have a link amongst your various sites.

Most people generate a search on the internet with the name of any company or individual/personal name, before sealing the deal. They believe what they see on the websites.

SEO Company for eCommerce Website

SEO Company for eCommerce Website


The term Internet marketing has occupied the online business marketing in recent times comprehensively. Running any business through the company control channels like Google search, email, social media and many more websites has been named as the digital media. Through the uses of online channels, a company can stay connected with their prospective customers.

SEO Company for eCommerce Website

Facts about the SEO Company for eCommerce Website

Years ago, this thing seemed to be entirely impossible or beyond your imagination to get connected along with the customers and clients with the effort of digital media and online marketing. Though, along with the ever changing world in recent times people have adapted themselves with the heavy usages of the internet as well as picked up by way of online marketing as a substitute of the offline marketing. The SEO Companies have gained immense popularity in recent times.

SEO or the search engine optimization is one of the most enhancing and improving tactics and strategies to get your website into any higher rank of search engine result page. The entire process depends upon keyword on which an article is written up. Utilizing the most searched keyword generates a lot of public traffic for a website.

How to enhance an SEO company?

SEO Company for eCommerce Web site has earned an immense popularity nowadays and to make it more accessible you have to follow something:

  • Try to make an error free article
  • Try to create an article with proper grammar and spelling
  • Try to enrich a unique and accurate keyword
  • Appoint a smart and experienced proof reader
  • Recruit some quality content writer

Online content in simple words is anything that lives and can be found on the internet. In today’s world internet takes a big part in any business. All the activities are aimed towards going online. For any business to flourish well in the web, it is important for it to be seen more on the various search engines. Proper utilization of SEO techniques helps in doing that. By using such phrases and words (otherwise known as keywords) in the content, which a consumer will use while looking for a product online, the result of the client can be brought to the first page of the search engine. Services like SEO ensure that all the content of a website is directed towards the end of generating more views and more users. This would provide more chances of visibility of the product and thereby more chances of the product to be sold.

In simple words, SEO Company for eCommerce Website helps in a site to be well visited. A well-visited website gets more business, there by ensuring the generation of profit for an organization and the eventual growth of the organization. As almost any business is linked to the internet in the present day, the use of services like SEO becomes inevitable for a company. So descriptions, posts, blogs, etc. are created keeping in mind the needs of the users, that is, the words which a user would use while he is looking for any product online.


Run Your Own Business by Learning Digital Marketing & Become a Successful Entrepreneur


With a gradual thrive of digital media, marketing and advertising mediums have dramatically shifted over the decade. From today’s perspective, digital marketing stands a definite recommendation from the experienced professionals to the fresh business entrepreneurs as this dictates the fullest of possibility for a new start up. When a small business venture concentrates to grow up they undertake certain activities that falls under the digital marketing umbrella and the later part of the article will reveal how to gain the furthest advantage of digital marketing media through these certain marketing traits.

Core objective of digital marketing

Digital marketing happens to be the core of conversations for any mainstream businesses. But if it can be discussed in details, it will be observed that the topic of digital marketing is still unclear to many business owners. To erase these basic doubts as a newbie and to secure success, these following points must be kept in mind.

Your digital marketing objective must revolve around these following pointers:

  1. Whether your approach sufficiently represents your business and brand (look and feel, messaging)
  2. Is the website, you are doing marketing for, up-to-date and easily navigable?
  3. Whether the initiation effectively speaks to your target audience
  4. Does your business have the potential to connect to other marketing efforts?
  5. Can your venture be found by searchers on top search engines?
  6. Whether it provides multiple channels for customer communication

Why does for an initial start up, digital marketing stand to be the only answer

Startup businesses usually lack big budget, and especially for marketing purposes, they do not want to invest a handsome amount. But having a grip over market and playing steady against the contemporary big names in a particular domain, calls for a good marketing strategy. Digital marketing paves the way of success in a stipulated budget and helps the fresh business initiations to reach to the largest numbers of consumers with their services.

Inseparable parts of digital marketing

For numbers of entrepreneurship an effective digital marketing plays the most objective yet challenging part in terms of gaining consumers and generating profit. The inseparable parts of digital marketing that one should consider with utter care are the following.

  • SEO: If you’re interested in getting aggressive with search marketing, one must give a keen eye to search engine optimization. A widespread fallacy among entrepreneurs is that having a proper and well designed website will come to the view of customers automatically. On the contrary you have to incorporate specific key words, meta data, to make your page visible amidst the floods of similar web page available online.
  • PPC: Several key words and phrases encounter stiff competition due to their popularity and here supplementing the efforts on organic SEO with pay-per-click advertising happens to be a wise option. Getting reputable with pay-per-click is undoubtedly a little intimidating, but with a time and effort and instruction it can be accomplished as the most useful part of digital marketing agency.
  • Ad display: Since startups can’t afford to splurge on traditional marketing methods, they have no option but to leverage digital marketing to provide them considerable results at lesser rate. Other than PPC and SEO, Ad display assists the business owners to promote brands across channels on the internet.
  • Online Reputation Management: The foremost purpose of this technique is to boost the traffic and create brand awareness for businesses including startups. Maintaining online reputation is one of the most important issues for any company. Officials are always not aware about the scenarios which do round in the internet. So it is necessary for every company to tie up with an online reputation management firm who can protect the reputation of the company on their behalf.
  • Search Engine Marketing: SME happens to be the most effective tool in digital marketing and the start up business owners employ the strategies to secure revenue.
  • Social Media Marketing: SMM takes an ownership to the social media platform and helps to earn a great amount of feedback from the netizens.
  • Web Designing & Development: this is the key aspect of an online business and a user-friendly yet unique webpage can satisfy the consumers.
  • Web Content Writing & Strategizing: promotes the content and the basic objective of the project.
  • Email Marketing: connects people on a personal level. This is done to inform the customers about the latest offers and deals.
  • Blogging: helps to promote the basic theme of the venture. Different companies posts blogs on their official websites and catches the attraction of the customers. These blogs are generally written based on the information of any product or services and sometimes it is written based on the experience.

Inevitably digital marketing is the best ploy today to a business market throughout the world because it is the only way to address millions of consumers at a time and get their feedback in return. If you can precisely publicize your trade, you have the finest opportunity to receive greater income.


Earning Made Easy at Home with Digital Marketing


With advancement of internet, the digital marketing portfolio has witnessed some revolutionary changes and gradually it comes as an inevitable part of an online business. Since the beginning of this running decade, online platform has turned out to be a steady spectrum for generating considerable revenue. The reason is pretty simple. Here, a service provider can aim millions of people at a stretch, through the boon of internet.

Digital marketing has earned viable responses from the entrepreneurs, due to its effective traits and its constant alteration in the competitive market, has made it quite on demand. If we see practically, existence of the digital media has made it possible for a considerable number of folks to earn some handsome amount of bucks even from home.

How does digital marketing become an effective tool?

In layman’s term, digital marketing is basically promoting brands using online mediums and digital channels. A few years ago, the methodologies of creating and advancing brands were limited. Since the internet revolution, the ways by which you can reach to your potential customers have multiplied manifolds. The traditional marketers are doubtful in using digital marketing strategies because they are not so familiar with the concept yet. On the other hand there are the digital age enthusiasts who deem that employing online marketing strategies certainly will help them to bring more business.

Generating revenue with independent Digital Marketing from home

The youngsters who are tending to earn money using Digital Marketing knowledge are mainly concentrating on the following sectors. Now-a-days the perception of running to a workplace and working for hours have changed and the latest generations are shaping their course of income by focusing on their own blogs, content promotion, adsense, banner ads and much more and that too from their home.

For setting up an initiation all they need is handfuls of knowledge, an internet connection and the urge to do something on their own. Basically, constant updates over internet help to accumulate information if anybody lacks it.


Steps to generate money through digital marketing

Doing freelance:
Number of companies look forward to digital marketing and constantly hire professionals. Youngsters are grabbing the opportunities and are serving as freelancers for marketing the company on digital media.

Having their own blogs:
Blogs are now not only personal and beyond being just a forum of thought provoking matters, Blogs act as digital marketing tools and numbers of bloggers are using the opportunities. There are certain websites available online that post promotional blogs. At times company hunts blogger who can utilize the ability of writing for them and enhance their reputation in the digital media. Notably the bucks one can earn from blogging are pretty lucrative in numbers.

Content promotion:
Loads of content management companies feel the necessities of content promotion and sitting at home one can fill up the requirement for a company and can generate a good amount of earning.

SEO or search engine optimization is the fundamental process that initiates digital marketing. Basically, this is the main aspect of making a webpage of a company visible amidst the millions of other sites. As freelancers, several SEO professionals are earning money by serving companies.

SMO has been another most crucial part of online businesses. Thus, having knowledge on the matters helps a person to earn lucrative amounts. Basically, these marketing traits concentrate on social media and it becomes delight for the digital media addicts to happily carry on the marketing strategy. Staying at home, the professionals work in their own terms and earn money.

Pay per click or in short PPC is a way of revenue generation both for the web designers and the company. Basically companies earn bucks as the visitors click on the pages if his website is tailored with PPC. On the other hand, web developers are claiming a good sort of money for delivering PPC websites as they can feel how a website owner can get incessant benefits from it.

Reputation of a company wins half of the battle and Online Reputation Management helps enhancing business revenue for a company.

Video advertising:
It becomes one of the most interactive tools that increase the appeal of digital marketing.

Adsense happens to be most promising money generator coming from the shelves from Google. This is basically meant for website monetization.

These are the basic traits that are appealing to the fresh entrepreneurs and to the young professionals to deep into the delves of digital marketing for earning money easily.


Career Opportunities for Fresh Graduates in Digital Marketing


Birth of e-commerce

With the advent of the internet people are now inclined on searching the internet for buying any product and services. Those days are now history when people believed that marketing is an offline concept. Digital marketing has got a new boom with augmented support of the superior search engines and huge platform of social media websites. Digital marketing has created a new dimension for the young entrepreneurs and helped the small companies to flourish. Digital revolution thus gave birth to E-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal and many other companies.

Here is a research on jobs in digital marketing based on job type.

Whooping rise of digital marketing

As per the researches done by the Direct Marketing Associations a report has revealed that shows the worth of the Digital marketing sector is $62 billion. This rise is whopping if someone considers the rise of advertising through tablets and mobiles. This rise is somewhat 180% and it can touch $7.2 billion in near future. The main problem lies with the exposure of this digital marketing among the fresh graduates. Quite a considerable percentage of fresh graduates are not at all aware of the fact of entrepreneurship through digital marketing. Graduates from the field of commerce or engineering can gain some knowledge about the aspects and future of various fields of digital marketing. This will definitely create a new angle and youngsters can start their own company rather than serving the purpose of others.

Here is the research done on salary for digital marketing professionals.


Career opportunities for fresh graduates & youngsters

Youngsters can choose these fields as their career opportunities. Just a brief description of each sector is provided here.

  1. Mobile marketing

Mobile devices are very much abundant and everyone has got a prized possession of mobile nowadays. Marketing through mobile phones allows people to get instant updates, information and promo offers.

  1. Email marketing

Frequent mails from the companies are sent to the customer to inform them about the brands new promotions, periodic newsletters and other kind of CSR activities.

  1. Web Analytics

This allows increasing the traffic of a website and enables people to do market researches and provides a report about the traffic of the website.

  1. SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a procedure of increasing the rank of the webpage in Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines.

  1. SMM

Social Media Marketing involves the promotion of the brands in the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

  1. Pay per click

Pay per click or in short PPC is a typical form of Internet marketing where the advertiser pays the search engine, every time his Ads get a hit. At initial stage the cost is low but when the ad becomes popular it increases. But this costing is not at all a problem for the advertiser because he earns a good profit by selling his service or product through this kind of advertisement. These types of ads are found in Google or Bing search results, whenever we search on the search engine providing a keyword. Related matches provide us with those sponsored ads.

  1. ORM

Defending the reputation of the company over the internet is very much necessary.The customers are known to provide negative feedbacks about the products and services when they are dissatisfied.With the help of online reputation management companies it becomes easier for the officials to sort out the problem and take a look on them. The online reputation management company generally helps to defend these issues.

  1. Banner & ads design

In this new age of web promotion, designing the best banner for your company is the smartest way to expand your business.Designing the most ethnic banner is done to catch the viewer attention. Design of these banners must be done in such a way that when the person clicks on the banner advertisement, he gets redirected to the main website of the company easily.

  1. Video advertising

Video advertising is done in the form of commercial ads. These ads are generally very short with stories made on promoting the product of the company. Short and compact stories with catchy dialogues are the base of these video advertisings through which these advertises reaches the customer base.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This is a type of marketing based on the performance of the affiliates who actually brings the customer on their own effort and the company thus rewards back to the affiliates for bringing each customer or visitor. Affiliate marketing is bit different than other type of marketing as it requires daily advertising.

If any student wants to do digital marketing courses, they can opt for the certificate courses as they are of very short period. These short term courses are generally of 2-6 weeks’ time providing specialization on a single sector of digital. In the long term courses generally all the fields are covered and the packages offered at the time of joining any company is also very high.


Get Your Products or Services at the Tight Spot in Google AdWords


Search engines are not just blue lines on page or any more, especially, they are crowded with services to satisfy users and advertisers who advertise their products and users who come to the page for queries and search. Being a business man, it generally happens that you have spent hours together for creating your digital information on product in Google. You have done all the required hard work and collection lot of information after research and removed all the non essential information.

Now at last you have made something very informative and prefect for your product which helps you to earn money. After this you think of to place your product in the big World of web. From here your real hard work starts as you are going to choose the areas which are the right place for your product. It is not so easy to get listed on the first page of Google, especially if you are looking to rank in the SEO. Our team of experts helps you to upload your product or services to Google merchant centre. All this happens when you register your company products on Google.com

Make your products sell on Google.

Google has launched new services on internet known as Google product, a part of Google enterprise which is essential to sell products. Your chosen terms are shown on this page on the right side which let the shoppers simply click on the list to reach to your website directly. Mainly this side is for Google product listing ads which is the massive necessity of businessmen and companies to achieve sales and profits.  Is not it great to utilize this service to get Google product feed from customers and achieve a chance for setting a best ranking position in SEO? This helps the customers to be convenient in order to make purchases after knowing about the data of product feed service, as this is important to maintain for most of the companies due to countless competitors in the market.

Services provided online by our company

If you are a seller and wish to submit your item to goggle then you can take the help of our experts and professionals for advertising your offers within your Google base account. The management takes care of uploading a spreadsheet of each of your product and submits to goggle. If you are a developer then you can create your product feed, upload new data, delete existing file, update new one and execute queries for complex condition.