ORM or Online reputation management is an integral part of digital marketing. Today whenever we want to know anything about anything, we turn to search engines. Just type the name and you will get all the information available on the internet. It happen same when a buyer wants to buy a product or service.

It looks for the information about the brands, quality of products and service as well as the reviews of the other users about the product or service. When negative reviews ruin the image the positive reviews of customers give your business an advantage. Online reputation management is the service offered by us that helps our clients in managing their positive online reputation. We work so that even if someone searches about you for negative keywords, only positive reviews were surface.

Specialized Online reputation management solutions for your business

We have a team of experts that first diagnose the situation and then offer the solutions accordingly. Sometimes situation is not as bad as the client thinks it is and few corrective actions resolve the issue but when situation is really bad our online reputation management experts provide you best ORM solutions and help you in taking control of your online reputation.

How we do online positive publicity through our ORM services

We at Nonstop Digital Media monitor the conversation of consumers on website and then shape it to promote the brand of our client. We use many online management tools to build the brand’s online reputation.

We give you the insights on your customer’s needs – We make you listen and understand what your clients like and dislike about your service and products. It helps you in improving your services and that results in improved customer satisfaction percentages.

Monitoring online market – We research and figure out the online reputation of the products and services of your competitors. It helps in designing reputation management strategies.

Digital crisis management – We help you manage the customer feedback. One bad comment from your customer can ruin your image to a great extent. We promote positive feedback to improve the business’s image online and prevent negative reviews to surface.

New content creation – Including many other online reputation management services, providing effective content is one of our key deliverables. We provide quality content in the form of blogs, press releases, web pages, articles, emails, testimonials, infographics, videos, banners etc.

Social sites – Getting involved in social sites helps a lot. Positive online presence on these sites help you reach directly to your customers. Our ORM services also include building social profile of your brand to promote your products and your positive image.

SEO – Search engine optimisation plays a major role in attracting customers toward the website and that is why our ORM services also include finding effective key words.

No matter how glittering your website is, only positive image of company or products can help in increased sale and we help you getting that image. Nonstop Digital Media provides you all support and our personalised services to maintain the positive image of your brand online.