With SEO being an integral part of this 21st century’s digital marketing world, business owners see the light of the day more effortlessly. The website visibility can also expand to a higher position only when a smart business owner makes the best use of SEO and digital marketing overall. From user traffic to conversation rate, smart digital marketing techniques have the ability to take your business-making scenes to a whole new level. So, with the right use of digital marketing strategies, your business can expand with flying colors and that too at a fast pace.

Remove Negative Links, Information, and Content from Google search results

The Importance of Online Reviews

While digital marketing has the ability to make your business grow at a lightning speed, it also has the capability of making your business run in loss. That’s how the significance of online reviews comes into the frame. Running an online business helps you to be familiar with the importance of customer reviews. When any customer buys a product, it is always recommendable to check the online reviews in the first place. After all, the online reviews are what help you find a better way to get hold of the product that you wish to buy. In fact, a whopping percentage of consumers always find it convincing to first get hold of the online reviews and then buy the product accordingly. After all, when you view a product’s review it is an experience that a customer shares after using it! So in this world of jet-age technology, the importance of online reviews is in plenty.

How do Negative Links Affect Your Business?

Needless to say, negative news travel faster than time. And if this happens in the industry of business, then it can even make your business run in loss. So, in a nutshell, while positive reviews let customers walk an extra mile to see the specifications and features of the product, negative reviews just the opposite thing. And this results in introducing negative contents on Google. While negative reviews are just a way of expressing the bad experience of customers, negative contents just boost the aforementioned fact. Not only does the negative reviews damage to prestige, but it also damages the trustworthiness and profitability of your business. When ten positive reviews can boost your business, one negative review has the ability to drive away apparently 22% of the customers. And three negative reviews have the ability to drive away around 59% of customers in a nutshell. As a matter of fact, a single negative review has the ability to cost the business around a total of 30 customers. There are people who always hesitate to buy from the businesses with absolutely no reviews or too many of the negative reviews. Hence, the negative impact of negative reviews plays a role in the making of purchase of the product from the online market.

In accordance with the things as aforementioned, it becomes important for honest business owners to first check the negative reviews of their product and then remove it from the Internet. So, as a business owner, you would always require knowing some strategies to remove negative links from Google that might affect your business. After all, you never know whosoever posts a negative feedback and then it is seen by many people who wish to buy the product. Psychologically speaking, this impacts negatively in boosting your business. Hence, it becomes important to proceed with effective strategies. To know more on this front, keep reading on.

How to Remove Negative Information from Google?

To know about the strategies to remove negative information from Google, this guide will enlighten you about the best methods to do so. In case you want to know more about it, keep reading on.

Method 1: Get those negative search results taken down

Burring negative search results from Google is possible and for that, you need to get those search results taken down right directly. You should always remember that this would never work in each and every case. However, in certain cases, the steps to build an effective personal brand become essential. There might be serious downfalls when you attempt at removing these requires. So you should always take these below-offered questions seriously. Want to know more? Here’s presenting the list!

  • Were you the one posting the content?

You need to make sure whether or not the negative search result stems from any blog post. This becomes important in the first place. You should also make sure whether or not the content comes from any account which you access! In case it is so, then delete it right away. You don’t really need to bury the results just in case you are controlling them. Just remove anything and everything that are associated with the content.

  • Is the writer your friend?

Find out whether or not your friend posted something about you which might hurt you on the academic or professional front. In case it is so, then just ask him to take it down. And as aforementioned, this can even resurface elsewhere. However, this is the first and foremost step. So, you should always try to push for its removal.

  • Is it an acquaintance or someone you’re on great terms?

You should feel free and reach out to the person as you would ever to a friend. But make sure that you are polite and communicative enough to drag the conversation and present your outlook towards the resolving method. In case someone is not focused on the personal brand, then they might be oblivious to how the content can affect individual personal reputation.

  • Will ‘Right to be Forgotten’ applicable in this situation?

You have to check whether or not the content falls within standards of the removal based on the Right to be Forgotten of Google. But this, of course, is dependent on whatsoever place you reside.

  • Is the content owner anonymous?

Sending an email to someone would actually be great when it comes to asking someone to remove the content or feedback. There would be no questions asked and that’s the ideal situation when you get the chance of asking the person to remove the content and that too so politely without even dragging the conversation! It is apparently possible to get the content(s) removed. As a matter of fact, there are some risks associated with it, but it’s certainly not impossible. In case you’re dealing with an anonymous troll, then you should proceed with caution every time. It may not go as planned to ask an anonymous person to remove the content. And there will be the chance that the respective owner might not just refuse to take down the content but even make the situation worse than ever.  But this certainly depends on the circumstances concerning the negative results. In case you are dealing with such folk, then there will always be the chance that this person can choose to make the situation worse. So, it would be a smart idea to take one moment and then analyze the respective situation. At times, it is always better to be left alone and contact the site owner accordingly. And spending time with effective strategies would be a great idea to bury all those negative results from Google.

  • Does the content come from a government or news website?

In case you’re dealing with any government website, then it would be unlikely that you can also get the documents that are of the public record removed. Nevertheless, you should always feel free to do a little digging on the site for seeing whether or not there are processes in the place for maintaining privacy. And concerning dealing with the news outlet, in case something happens becomes inaccurate, then you can mail them and write the retraction or correction!

Method 2: Pay for the Services Claiming to Resolve

In case the owner for the offending content refuses to take this down, then you can also get tempted to turn to pay the removal services. Sadly, this can be a tremendously expensive and arduous process when it comes to removal. At times, the negotiations that are associated with the process can also take to bury the negative results from Google. As a matter of fact, there are multiple reasons for this. However, the two are negotiation and time. There are website owners who tend to be protective of the content and already have spent time or when building it. That’s exactly why they always tend to not be receptive to the idea of removing these. At times, the contact details are also not checked, meaning that the time you spend simply by waiting to listen to the answer can actually be too long! As a matter of fact, there are a couple of businesses popping up the place and claiming that they can even bury negative results from Google and fix the online presence accordingly. But the fact is that no one actually has the ability to control the Google results entirely.

Method 3: Running a Social media campaign is effective

remove negative content from Google

In case you want to remove negative content from Google, then this approach is supposed to be handled with care. In case you have invested time in creating your online presence already, then you can continue to be active on the sites to see positive changes! As a matter of fact, changes can actually last for a long period of time. This happens to be the foundation that is recommended initially when folks wish to bury the negative results from Google. Nevertheless, in case you need a little boost with the particular objective kept in mind, then you should always consider getting hold of a paid social media campaign. Not only does it increase brand awareness but it also helps in getting certain kinds of social media engagements!

Method 4: Create Positive Contents and Bury the Negative Results

The finest way to combat all negative results is for suppressing them with other positive contents! So, rather than spending quality time and investing money on the tactic that might not lead you to long-term solutions, you can actually create quality contents and build your online presence effectively. In addition to that, you can also engage on social media platforms where you create and connect with preferable communities. This also helps you in creating a network of accurate and relevant content. Not just that, it also helps in building quality web properties that raises your brand higher in the search results in Google. It is fairly straightforward and simple to understand the process of removing negative articles and contents from Google. The only strategy is just being consistent and patient enough to understand it effectively. However, this is exactly where most people end up floundering and get desperate for a quick troubleshooting method. So, in case you follow the steps carefully, the process would just be a piece of cake.

Method 5: Learn More about Google Suppression Services

Instead of setting up a call with a reputation advisor, you can learn more about Google Suppression Services. To put it simply, you can contact them through the email or chat and find more information.

What’s next?

Now that you have been familiar with the methods to remove negative articles and information from Google’s search results, you can proceed effectively. Thus, this gives closure to the guide to know about the methods to remove negative contents from Google. Hopefully, this guide has given you a fair idea about how to bury negative links and contents from Google which might be hurting your respective online reputation. However, there’s always more to learn and put into the practice. So, it would be better for you to continue educating yourself about this. To know more on this front, you can perform your survey with the best use of the Internet!