Business-making in today’s generation doesn’t require rocket science anymore. After all, with so many options right at one’s fingertip, a business can expand with flying colors. The newer advancement of technology helps businesses and companies see the light of the day through the best use of the Internet! But what gives you success has the ability to put it back to square one too! And thus, the use of the Internet can also bother your business to some extent. In accordance with what is said right above, a scathing review written on the Internet can also make your business run in loss.

Remove Ripoff report from Google search results

That’s where the importance of removing the fake reports from Google comes into the picture. And that’s where the importance of knowing about how to remove Ripoff Report from Google comes into being. But first off, read about the significance of customer reviews before buying any product or receiving respective services.

Why Customer Reviews Matter?

If you’re running an online business, you must have been familiar with the importance of customer reviews. A product is always better to be reviewed and then purchased. After all, what you review is the experience that the respective customers are sharing on the Internet. In fact, a whopping percentage of customers first read the reviews and then proceed with any purchasing decision. And that’s how intelligent customers proceed with the online purchase. So, a customer review has a lot of importance, in a business-oriented world. While ten good customer reviews can expand your business, one bad Ripoff Report can gradually make your business decrease its profit-making scenes. Whether or not you are familiar with what Ripoff Reports are, here’s presenting the importance and downfall of the site.

Ripoff Report –Significance& Downfall

Ripoff Report, as you already have known, helps you identify which business is actually reputable and which ones are not. However, at times, due to fake reports, it can create a bad impression of your company too. Creating an account is most important for commenting about the company on the site. And when someone views the bad comments via this site, the identity of the customers is hidden. So, whosoever is commenting bad review about the company; he or she isn’t identified in any way. In a nutshell, it is something opposite to a good customer review. While on the user’s front it is beneficial, it certainly doesn’t make it entirely advantageous for all honest business owners. And this is because it allows customers to share their complaints about any company or firm and that too anonymously. For the honest and hardworking businessmen who have been feeling frustrated and helpless due to negative fake comments on Ripoff, here’s what you can do!

How to Remove Ripoff Report from Google?

Ever wondered how a bad news can affect your business? While negative news travels faster than time, it has the ability to decrease your profit making scenarios in your business. And it is true that negative vibes can affect every individual both mentally and physically. Same goes for the negative comments that are spread on the Internet. But what if that’s not true about your company? The best way you can deal with negative comments on Ripoff and remove the fake ones from Google is by reading the list of things as mentioned right below. To remove negative content from Google, keep reading on.



Adding a ‘Rebuttal’ comment to the Offending Report

Rebuttals are something that appears beneath any original post. While it doesn’t have the ability to change the negative comments, it appears in any original listing. This is also a blurb which usually shows up in the SEO results. As a matter of fact, it can even make things worse by offering more contents for the search engines to the index. What you can do is follow this free tip. In case you post a rebuttal comment, just avoid using words or names which will give search engines more keyword terms in order to find. Rather than saying anything that gives a hint at a name, you can try using a common noun instead.

Paying off the Ripoff Report to Join ‘Corporate Advocacy Program’

Ripoff Report can perform investigations into the reports which are made about the business owner. Even if the reports are true, the report may indicate that you have already resolved the reports. The original report will always remain on the web. But the best part is that the positive contents would appear right above the respective negative report. While it doesn’t change the fact that your company or business has been listed on the ‘Ripoff Report’, it certainly helps you get a better way to communicate positively with individual customers. As a matter of fact, the Ripoff report offers the VIP Arbitration Program.

Suing the Original Report’s Author

There are a couple of folks who take this particular path because the original author rarely has financial resources for paying for the monetary judgment which can be obtained. In addition to that, the Ripoff Report would not allow the original author for removing some offending report anyway.Hence, getting the court injunction that requires them to remove the negative reports is certainly of little value.

Hiring a Reputable Firm to ‘Bury’ the Respective Ripoff Report

The reputation management firms can devote countless hours for creating the additional positive articles, websites, and other media contents about you in efforts to push some offending Ripoff Report. In certain cases, efforts happen to be successful. However, in other, the Ripoff Report listings are strong for pushing down permanently and that damage still continues.Since the SEO efforts require ongoing efforts, any type of success can get short-lived accordingly.

Suing the Ripoff Report

Almost all the lawsuits against the Ripoff Report have had the little success because of the protections that Ripoff Report enjoys under the act of Communications Decency. The Ripoff Report is believed to be entirely immune from liability. It fights the lawsuits which are brought against it, thereby making it one of the most expensive and least effective options as of now.

Getting Google for Delisting the Ripoff Report

A far better-known option is there that you would be able to find. And it absolutely works wonderfully. To follow the steps to remove your ripoff report from Google, keep reading on.

  • First off, you are required to file the lawsuit against the original author of Ripoff reports for false light, business disparagement, defamation, or other related claims that happens to be legally appropriate. The point is that you have to give a proof about the case in the court of law. You also have the burden for proving the report made about the company or business you own is false.You have to be honest with yourself! In case you find the report about you is true, you don’t require any valid claim for defamation. As a matter of fact, this option won’t work for you! The only key is being capable of proving the case in the court of law.You can only sue the author of the given report, and not sue Google itself. The lawsuit will also cost a fortune and fail very quickly.
  • Second, you can obtain the court order that declares the offending report that is expected to be defamatory and false. This also assumes that you win the case. The content of the order can also take multiple forms. But you have to make sure that you seek the order referring to the respective offending the report specifically.
  • Third, you should present the court order to Google directly. As per experiences, Google will always honor the court order and entirely remove the offending page from the search index. The offending report will appear on the Ripoff website. But the reference to this particular report in the search index of Google will be gone. In addition to that, Google will display right at the search results page’s bottom where the respective Ripoff Report will appear with a statement.




Why do you require the court order?

It is evidently true that you can’t speak for Google. But Google won’t ever remove the defamatory webpages from the search index sans a definite court order. In case you put yourself in the shoe, then you are required to get a court order. And this evidently makes sense. Nothing unlike other search engines, Google, too wants to be a neutral option with respect to what contents it shows in the search result. And in this Internet-oriented world, trusting Google is quite evident for people. Google doesn’t violate that trust either by adjusting the search results that are based on the defamation claims which might get easily fabricated. And with the court orders, the game changes!

In case you are someone who wishes to be neutral, you cannot say anything which is socially not possible. Instead, you have to have that respect towards the role of the proper arbiters of society and legal disputes, i.e., the judges & the juries. The judicial system might not be the perfect one here, but it happens to be the best way to deal with such things. It can also safeguard you and protect the rights of the parties. Honoring the court orders lets Google exercise the responsible neutrality.

While the best medicine is prevention always, one must try and avoid getting listed on such websites with a Ripoff Report. Conducting business can even be a great idea. The parties don’t require resorting to the sort of guerrilla cyber-warfare. And mudslinging on the web happens to be a two-way street. As a matter of fact, it is hard to undo when once it’s out!

In case you find yourself getting down from the path with the opposing party, you need to swallow y0our pride first off. Just keep on biting your lip till you find success. Do whatsoever it takes for keeping them from making additional negative postings. However, when you find yourself the ultimate victim of the damaging reports on the website, you can have the option to stem that particular damage. This isn’t perfect. But when it’s successful, it is better than other options which you might have in the long run.

Why it is better to not sue Ripoff Report contrarily?

You can always sue Ripoff report at your own risk. But before you do so, there are certain things that you require understanding. That being said, the ripoff Report happens to be protected by the Communications Decency Act. And the act has the ability to eliminate the responsibility for the Ripoff Report. In addition, it does not hold accountable for such reviews which are right on the website. This is exactly why the Ripoff Report has legal standing. And this is evidently why the reports never are against a lawsuit.

After Everything Else

Even if you feel you have a strong case against the website, suing would be time-consuming and expensive too. The judge might dismiss the case and ask you to pay for the legal fees. You can contact an efficient team who are experienced in this field just to help you with all their support.