Gone is the age when traditional methods of advertising your individual business used to required rocket science. Now that business-making strategies have incorporated digitalized methods for their advertisements, business owners feel secured to make the best use of the Internet. To put it simply, digital marketing plays an integral part in boosting individual businesses. And that is plausibly why every business owner makes the right use of the Internet. In businesses, marketing happens to play a pivotal role, for sans marketing your business cannot expand that much. It is marketing that drags customers to individual platforms for buying any product. Not just products, services, in today’s generation, also make the best use of marketing in order to cater them to respective clients and clientele.  On the professional front, your information is vital to be known by as many customers to boost your business accordingly. However, not entirely is it beneficial, for the negative reviews also matter a lot. And this also affects your business as well as yourself on the personal front.

Remove Your Name & Information From Google Search Results

That being said, removing your name from the search results in Google is mandatory so as to protect your personal information from other unknown people. While it can also prevent cyber-crimes, it is a mode to help you stay secure even when you are online!

How your personal information can affect your online presence?

Negative reviews can not only affect your business but it can also draw a negative impression about your personality. After all, there’s no one on earth who wishes to be portrayed negatively to the world. This can result in psychological traumas and thus you might find yourself all the more depressed to work any further. For anyone, it wouldn’t be a good scenario to sit back at home without being engaged in any professional work.

As today’s generation folks have become more reliant on the social networking sites, the personal information is also becoming easily accessible. In case you have typed your name into the popular search engine, you can also have been surprised to get to know more information about yourself even more than what you’ve anticipated before. This can occur when you own a business and get disappointed negative reviews on the Internet. Moreover, it can also occur when you find that your full name alongside address has been available for anyone and everyone to see! Needless to say, it would be impossible to immediately wipe your personal information from the Google search results. But that doesn’t mean that the process is entirely impossible. While business owners can think that it is just impossible to work anymore without access to their personal information, here’s the best method!

Removing your personal information from Google would be the best idea both on the professional and personal front. To resolve all your traumas and problems, here’s what you can do. Regardless of whether or not you own a business, here’s presenting everything related to how to remove your name from Google.

How to Remove Your Personal Information from Google?

The culture of today’s fast-paced world continues to move at a fast pace with the Internet. And with that, the personal information that might have just been visible to friends and close ones are easily accessible to the public now. This results in making your private information public. And when you find that after searching your name on the search engine you get all your personal information, that’s only because of the information you gave which aren’t private anymore! So what’s next? To put it simply, you can remove your personal information from Google. And in case you have been scratching your head just to get the best answer as to how to remove my name from Google, here’s presenting the best ways!

But before that, here’s why Google won’t ever remove your personal information!

The core product of Google avails them to the searchers with the best use of web search and index pages. As Google itself doesn’t control its information on the pages, the info would generally get removed from the index only when the site owner removes the page by blocking any content from the respective search engines. As a matter of fact, exceptions to this particular product do exist! In general, you would have to first remove the info from the Internet and then ask Google for removing it accordingly. To know more about the ways, read on.

  1. Customize Your Personal Information and Keep it Private

Ideally speaking, the private information about you would never show up in the Google search engine. For ensuring this particular thing, you have to keep certain things in mind. That being said, you should always make sure to be concerned about your online presence such as photos, reviews, or other things on the social media platforms that can also end up making your online presence more visible. In case you are on the social media platforms, you have to generally customize the profile settings in order to keep them private!

For instance, if you’re on Facebook, you’ve to make sure that you visit the ‘account’ option. Upon then, go to the ‘Privacy Settings’ option. After that, you can customize the settings from other aspects of the account that you hold. You can keep the information to ‘friends only’. As a matter of fact, you can even set the ‘basic directory information’ to friends. You can even keep the Facebook profile from entirely showing up in the search engine. You can deselect the option mentioning ‘Enable public search’ which is present right under the Privacy Settings >> Applications & Websites >> Public Search >> Edit Settings.

  1. Remove Your Contents from the Site You Don’t Own

At times, instead of implementing your best efforts, the private information might end up getting public. Hence, what you can do is to prevent it. While you can ask Google to remove the respective contents, not always it is possible! So what you can do is follow the steps as mentioned here.

STEP 1: First and foremost, you have to contact the site owner and ask the content to be removed from that particular page. You can even ask for the removal of the page from the search engines.

STEP 2: Once you are done with this, Google will now recrawl the page as the part of the normal indexing procedure. As a matter of fact, the content will no longer be there in the search results upon the occurrence of this.

In case you want to spend up to the process, you specifically can request Google to remove the content from the index. You only have to remember that you can make this particular request once the content doesn’t exist on the Internet.

How to Speed up the Removal Procedure?

You can speed up the removal procedure by the following method.

  • First off, access the public removal tool of Google
  • Second, choose the option mentioning “New removal request”
  • Third, enter the respective URL which you want to remove from Google’s search engines.

After that, you are required to do the following things.

  • In case the site owner has already removed the page or blocked it, then you can choose the ‘Webmaster has already blocked the page’ option and then choose checkbox which mentions “says the page returns a 404/410, or has been blocked by robots.txt or a noindex meta tag:”
  • After that, Google will then check for ensuring that the page no longer has its existence or has been blocked from Google.
  • In case the owner has already modified the page so that no personal information of yours appears, then you have to select the option mentioning ‘Content has already been removed from the page”.
  • After that, you are required to enter the term which has already been removed from that page:

You have to note that the terms have to be removed from the page. Not just that, they can never appear elsewhere. Google will then check the page in order to check the existence of the page and will remove the copy accordingly.

  1. Removing Your Sensitive Info from Google when the Website Owner doesn’t Remove it

In case you contact the website owner but you cannot get the content removed from the website, then you end up without contacting the site owner. There’s not much that you can do about it. But, for some situations, you can contact Google and get the content removed accordingly.

  1. When the Negative Info Appears about You on Google

Suppose you own a business and someone posts some negative comment about the product. Or suppose someone writes the article about you which presents you negatively. In such a scenario, you cannot get the website owner to remove those contents. Neither can you ask Google for removing the information! You cannot post additional information, for it might add more negative search results. In such a scenario, just go through the tips to manage your reputation on the web.

  1. Remove the Info from Other Respective Google Products

Other than the web search, your personal information might appear in the products as well. So, if you want to know more about this, here’s presenting the products which may contain your personal information!

  • Google Phonebook –

Google Phonebook makes the best use of the third-party data in order to populate the listings. As a result, the results from the Google Phonebook in the search results come with a phone icon which is placed right beside them. One can request Google not to display the residential address or the phone number from the data by using this phonebook. But you will have to note that the phone number might already appear in the search results once when it is removed from Google. The information might be coming from the Internet or the listing of Google Maps.

  • Google Maps –

Google Maps also make the best use of third-party data. And at times, there are inadvertently displays that come with personal contact details in the place of the details concerning the business. In case you are the verified business owner, then you would be able to correct this particular information! If the information about the business that you don’t own keeps on displaying the personal contact information, then you can even edit this information directly.

  • Blogger –

Google doesn’t remove the content from the blogging platform. Nevertheless, you can even respect to remove the content which is violating the terms and services of Bloggers. In case someone is impersonating the use of your real name, then you might request for an investigation!

  • Google Groups –

Google Groups happens to be the discussion forum platform, and from here, Google doesn’t remove the contents.

  • Google Video & YouTube –

These are the video platforms which would enable the users to share specific contents. Google doesn’t remove the contents which are owned by others. However, you might request to remove the copyrighted material or which is violating the terms of services.

  • Google Street View –

Google Street View helps in showing the photos of some map-related date. They include homes, people, vehicles, and more. As a matter of fact, Google always attempts to blur the details like faces & license plate numbers. One can request the photos of yourself, car, or to be removed.  For that, one has to visit the Google maps & zoom into that area containing your personal photo. After that, you are required to tap on the “report a problem” link and then choose the “privacy concerns, then a face, my house, or my car/a license plate” option accordingly.

What’s the Permanent Measure?

Initiating right from scratch might seem extreme to you. However, in certain cases, this could also be worth what you consider. The deletion of your email accounts, e-commerce services, or social media would never immediately destroy your personal. However, over time it would definitely help them less likely of appearing. You just need to make sure that right before you take this step, you must back up the date which you want to keep!