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Non Stop Digital Media

How to Remove Negative Content from Google?


Negative content can bring in several problems for any particular website or brand. It is sure to leave a bad impression on your target audience. When marketing for your brand, your primary interest should be that your target class is satisfied with your products and services. Otherwise, it might be difficult for you to retain the attention of the customers and this is likely to be aggravated by the presence of any negative content on the website.

Why often Google shows negative stories?

Though Google aims to deliver the best results to the users to maintain its reputation in the market, situation could be such that some negative stories come up on the page. Industries who are concerned about the quality of content posted on various pages are of the opinion that there are two reasons for the same.

  • Query Deserves Diversity or QDD
  • Query Deserves Freshness or QDF

Methods to remove the negative contentNon Stop Digital MediaSome of the steps of how to remove negative content from Google are enlisted further.

  • Know the problem and solve it – As soon as you encounter any negative content on the website, do not confuse it with any search engine or technical problem. It is going to hamper your reputation at large. However, you should immediately contact the marketing and the PR team who mainly deals with the shaping of the public perception.
  • List the content as irrelevant – In case the negative content is on any platform that you can handle easily, by exploring settings of the application, you can easily get rid of the same. In case of any website which is handled by a different group of experts, you have to first list the content as outdated, irrelevant or inappropriate.
  • Follow-up to the negative story – A good PR team would help to maintain the follow-up story. Discuss with the PR team, and they can try to change the same from negative to positive.

Use properties from other brands – The authoritative websites can be used to take down negative stories from Google. These are powerful tools in regard to search engines as well. For the same, you can try to build up social media pages that would help to take down the negative stories.

Non Stop Digital Media

How to Bury Negative Google Search Results


The basics of branding no longer make the cut when you are trying to push down a negative result on Google. Your campaign needs to have something extra that can bury down the highly optimized negative search results that come with a lot of domain authority. This is where we come into the picture as a reliable team of experts that have been working in the digital arena for years. We understand that the internet can do as much harm as good.

One bad blog post from an employee or a former client can spell doom for your business. Thus, we will help you to arm yourself with the maximum options so that you are able to build a successful brand online. Here’s how we can help you in this situation.

Get the negative result taken down

You can directly take down the negative search result under certain conditions. In terms of how to bury negative google search results, the first thing you can do is check the policies of Google. If the content violates any of the policy setups by Google, you can directly request Google to take it down. Fret not as we will guide you through the process. Negative results can also stem from something you posted or some account that you can access. Delete it immediately so that you can bring the situation under control.

Go for a paid campaign on social media

Non Stop Digital Media

Social media can be your best friend in such a situation where you are looking for how to bury negative google search results. We advise that you spend time and money on your online presence. We will guide you through the setup of your paid social media campaign and we can assure you that you will see the positive results with time. We make sure that our client’s positive contents are more visible than other which leads to them having a higher chance of getting additional links and go up the Google rankings. The more positive content you generate, the greater are the chances of burying negative results. We will guide you on the entire process through our expertise.

Non Stop Digital Media

How to Get the Best Ripoff Report Removal Service?


Have anyone posted any negative information that can be damaging enough for your business or website? Are you aware of the techniques that can help you to rip off the reports from the Google search results? When the website is considered as ‘Ripped Off,’ it indicates that it must have received some unhappy reviews from some customers or clients. The main problem is that even after the issue has been solved on the page, the report still appears on the website. Therefore, when opting for the best report removal service, you have to check that they are well experienced in removing the negative content from the website.

How does the report removal service help?

This is one of the best complete removal services, and with the help of the same, it is possible to remove the false listing from the website. This is mainly done by following legal procedures with the help of court order. The ripoff report removal service also requires using a social media profile that would help to rank the targeted keyword. In addition to this, additional links can be created for any page that would help to build up a positive side of the page and rank the same in the higher position under ripoff report service.

Random contents might get posted on the website, and it might bring in negative results for the particular website. As soon as the content is posted on the website, it is a responsibility of the owner of the website to take care of the contents. It should be such that the content should not affect the reputation of the page.

Non Stop Digital Media

Other means to remove negative content

As soon as the Ripoff Report attacks your business, try to contact the PR team as soon as possible. In addition to this, call the legal counsel to make certain arrangements such that the content is taken down quickly. While the experts might take time to handle the situation, it is better to respond even to any negative query of the customers.

Whichever removal service you seeking help from, make sure that they help with effective removal statements with a court order. This can be regarded as one of the newest in the developments of the ROR procedure that would easily help in the removal of any kind of negative content from the website.

Summary: When in search of some of the best ripoff report removal service, then you can seek help from us to remove the negative content from the listings in Google.

Non Stop Digital Media

Remove Harmful Content from Google Search


Negative articles can have an adverse impact on multiple people and organizations. Digital media being the most common forum for information and is a secure platform which is often used for defamation and other negative factors. We help you remove the negative articles that may be violating the various Copyrights or is bothering you in different ways. We remove the harmful materials on your request from the Google platform. There is a procedure for removing the negative aspects from the search engine and on requesting it if the officials find it legit will remove the link on our request.

Removal of negative content from Google Search

This is majorly to save the reputation of the company from damaging on a further scale. There can also be certain obscene and defaming material which can get the publisher into serious trouble. You can come to us for help in removing the webpage from your site. We help you Remove negative content from Google search. You can avail our services for the best Online Reputation Management experts to help eliminate any form of objectionable articles.

There can be situations where you may even require to remove or permanently delete your webpage. We can help you serve the requirements. You can also avail of the various aspects of our SEO suppression services and help tackle stone with a stone.

Non Stop Digital Media

We have a vision of making the dominion of digital media a benefiting and cleanly positive environment. This can be achieved through the team of expert Online Reputation Management specialists. In cases of disaster management, if you want to keep a low profile and have your website or page removed for a certain period from the digital realm, our aid is what you need in time.

We can help you get rid of the negative content and information that is bothering you or defaming you or any organization through fast-acting services. Google also has the facilities of permanently deleting the various products from the digital realm. This is a process of requesting and verification of the norms violation and in time when proved with substantial reasons the content will be removed from the search engine results page.

The most effective form, however, is the reverse SEO. In this, we use the keywords related to the topic and suppress the link by degrading the rank of the link in the given search result page.

Online Reputation Management Consultants

How to Remove Negative Articles From Google?


Our one-stop platform for all the digital media marketing features also aids in removing negative data and content from the internet environment and make it more cohesive as well as informative. Many articles cross the limit of the nominal human norms and values. We effectively help in curbing this negativity down.

Google and Negative Article Removal

When you wonder as to how to remove negative articles from Google, we are at your disposal. Google is one of the most influential and popular searches, but it can also be the most comprehensive forum for the negative aspects like defaming content, pornographic and obscene material and even information that is violating the Copyrights.

Process of Removing Negative Content from Google

There are a few numbers of ways in which you can remove selected content from the Google search results page. This content has to be in violation of the guidelines of the search engine. Here are the multiple ways of removing a negative article from Google:

  • Complete Removal – there are services in which you can permanently remove the content or information that is in violation of the online dominion norms and terms.
  • Removing Owned Web pages – if you believe that your webpage has content or material that may influence a form of negativity in the website, we can help you remove the sites and their content from the particular search dominion.
  • Removing Content from Pages That You don’t Own – only some content or information that is negative and have an adverse impact and these contents maybe on a website that isn’t owned by you. In such a situation we connect with the search engine services and remove that particular content.

Non Stop Digital Media

  • Reverse SEO – this is the search engine suppression. These harmful links on the search engine are suppressed through keyword search. This is hence called reverse SEO.
  • Reputation Management Online – in case of circumstances there are times when a business or company wants to get removed from the online platform. In such situations, we help your company get removed from the digital media realm.

These are the various services that we provide for the clientele and have an expert team that offers corrective measures on the aspect of negative information flow over the internet.

SEO Agency For ECommerce Website

SEO Agency For ECommerce Website


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is generating such content which increases the traffic of a website or product in any search engine such as Google etc. Online content in simple words is anything that lives and can be found on the internet. In today’s world internet takes a big part in any business. All the activities are aimed towards going online. For any business to flourish well in the web, it is important for it to be seen more on the various search engines. Proper utilization of SEO techniques helps in doing that. By using such phrases and words (otherwise known as keywords) in the content, which a consumer will use while looking for a product online, the result of the client can be brought to the first page of the search engine.

SEO Agency For ECommerce Website

The importance of an SEO Agency for ecommerce website

Services like SEO ensure that all the content of a website is directed towards the end of generating more views and more users. This would provide more chances of visibility of the product and thereby more chances of the product to be sold. In simple words, SEO services help in a website to be well visited. A well-visited website gets more business, thereby ensuring the generation of profit for an organization and the eventual growth of the organization.

Hence correctly implementing SEO services from an SEO Agency for eCommerce Website provides the subsequent development and growth of an organization. As almost any business is linked to internet in the present day, the use of services like SEO becomes inevitable for a company. So descriptions, posts, blogs etc. are created keeping in mind the needs of the users, that is, the words which a user would use while he is looking for any product online.

Using such services in a proper way naturally makes the organization rank high in search engines. This also gives them an edge over their competitors in the market. In simple words, an online business flourishes more when it is readily found when searched on the internet. SEO as such is a way of promoting an organization to make sure there is generation of sales. It is the first step towards getting a user attracted towards the website or the product. An engaging and well worded content does just that for the website.

The importance of garnering enough organic traffic

As without getting enough views on the internet the chance for the business to flourish online diminishes. This has led to increasing demand for persons who can perform SEO services for businesses. Implementing SEO services makes a website more relevant to the needs of the user i.e. what the user is looking for. Thus SEO services leads to the growth of an organization. It leads to more web traffic and thus more profit for the business. With the ever growing web of internet and the growth of online services, SEO is indispensible for any organization going online. Hence, with a carefully designed SEO strategy, a company would always flourish.

How To Remove A Google Search Result With Your Name?

How To Remove A Google Search Result With Your Name?


Your worst nightmare would be to witness a Google search result with your name or your organization’s name. All the hard work that you have put in would merely go into vain with a negative search result associated with your name. On the other hand, the moment you would notice a bad review or negative remarks, you would be itching to remove it. This is where we at Non stop Digital Media play a crucial role. Our experts strive hard to erase bad comments linked to your name in Google search results.

The process of removing search result from Google

One of the ways with the help of which you can diminish a search result associated with your name is by reverse SEO. The experts at Non stop Digital Media would advise you on how to remove a Google search result with your name just by making you aware of the fundamentals of reverse SEO. It is also important to note that reverse SEO uses a plethora of techniques causing the actual pages to feature above the negative results. With the help of this method, your admirers would not find any negative comments related to your name in Google.

How To Remove A Google Search Result With Your Name?

What are the ways to suppress a bad link?

The experts at Non stop Digital Media would provide suggestions to you on how to remove a Google search result with your name by taking into account the following aspects.

  • You can opt to start a blog of your company to publish excellent content on a regular basis.
  • You have to set up social media profiles and be active on all of them.
  • We would advise you to publish other types of media like podcasts and videos on a regular basis.
  • We would suggest you create quality content as this would help you to suppress your lousy reputation in the online world.
  • You can also opt to leave positive and useful comments on the influential websites within the domain of your industry.
  • We would also advise you to publish expert service in professional forums. It is an excellent way to ensuring that you cast a positive influence.

Contact us at the earliest to turn negative comments into positive ones.

How To Remove Negative Reviews From Google search Results

How To Remove Negative Reviews From Google search Results?


Negativity is neither good in the life of a human being nor is it desirable during marketing campaigns. The health and well-being of the business rest on the potential of the promotional strategies, especially in the virtual area. The scope of changing the mind of the probable clients with the sweet talks of the salesperson is unavailable in the online market. Thus, the business owner must rely on the PPC or other campaign strategies. One of the worst thing that can ever happen to an organization is a bad result on the first page of the Google. However, you do not need to panic as the experts at non stop digital media have devised a strategy that works wonders.

Eliminating links from the internet

One of the direct ways to remove harmful search results from Google is to reduce it from the internet altogether. By removing the link, you are making sure that Google no longer has the wrong effect with which it can link your visitors. However, eliminating connections from the internet is easier said than done. The reputation managers would advise you a plethora of techniques on how to remove negative reviews from Google search results. Links on the online world are of two types. Website or links you own and the ones you do not hold.

Removing the pages you own

In case of how to remove negative reviews from Google search results, you just need to optimize the profiles or links of the page that you own. You can also improve the information on that page so that it portrays your business in the limelight.

How To Remove Negative Reviews From Google search Results

Removing the pages, you do not own

In case you want to remove negative reviews from sites you do not own, you can contact the owner of the website to remove the harmful content. However, it is always possible that the site owners would ignore your e-mails. But it is a process that is worth trying. You can also ask for help from various legal authorities as well as Google. Moreover, for false information, you can always contact Google.

How To Remove Ripoff Report From Google search Results?

How To Remove Ripoff Report From Google search Results?


If you are listed on the Ripoff Report, you must be well aware of the fact that it is quite frustrating. In case you are not familiar with a Ripoff Report it usually denotes a consumer complaint website where anyone can post this type of report about an individual or any business. Once published by your client, the Ripoff report would be there forever. On the other hand, the pages on the Ripoff Report have a reduced ability to rank high. This attribute is especially more top with search engines like Google. It is also important to note that even if you and your client sort all the differences, the Ripoff Report would not let you remove original complaint.

The options for dealing with Ripoff Reports

In order to deal with Ripoff reports, you can follow these steps.

Posting a rebuttal to the offending report- If you ask the online reputation experts at non stop digital media about how to remove ripoff report from Google search results, We would also advise you to file a rebuttal for the offending statement. It is interesting to note that rebuttals only appear at the end of the original report and do not entirely change the negative language. We would recommend you to post a rebuttal without the usage of any names or words. In this way, you can avoid more keywords which is beneficial to you. For instance, instead of using the company’s name, you can write the company that is mentioned above.

How To Remove Ripoff Report From Google search Results?

Hiring a reputation management firm like us- In case Ripoff Reports are pissing you off with negative reviews, then hiring a reputation management firm like us would serve a majority of your interests. We at non stop digital media would advise you on how to remove ripoff report from Google search results. Our experts would devote countless hours to devising definite articles so that it can push the Ripoff Report from the first page of Google search results.

In order to eliminate Ripoff Reports, you can also sue the original author of that particular report. However, this technique is a bit complex, and this is where experts at Non stop Digital Media play a crucial role.