Types of SEO Small Businesses Can Use to Remove Negative News Articles


Small business owners swear by three things – reputation, reputation, and reputation. It might sound a dialogue from the movies, but that’s true. Most small businesses do not spend a lot of money on advertisement. They simply use the help of digital marketing and try to provide the best possible service they can. When both customer satisfaction and digital marketing strategies are on point, the business’s reputation benefits the most.

However, every day isn’t a good day. When there is the slightest of the mistakes in the delivery of the services, a small business may end up with a lot of negative reviews under their name. And that is bad news. However, there are ways with which you can remove negative news articles from Google search results.

Using SEO As A Strategy

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of increasing traffic to your website with the help of organic search engine results. It helps small businesses create a user-friendly, fast, informative, and robust website. SEO significantly increases the quality and quantity of a website that eventually becomes qualified sales.

With the help of the right kind of SEO strategy, if you can remove negative news articles from Google search results and push them lower in the search engine ranking.

There are different types of SEO strategies that you can use. For example –

  • Website SEO Services

One of the most essential services that any company looks for while looking for an online presence is Website SEO Services. The website SEO by a professional is offered to ensure your website ranks on Google, and you get more visitors to your site.

  • Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO is another type of SEO service that you must rely on. It helps you reach out to both local and international audiences and maintain your ranking. Organic SEO mainly helps your website stay on top of the Google page and remove negative news articles from Google search results.

  • SEO Audit Service 

A website needs SEO audits for various reasons. To ensure that your website is working well, and your website SEO is up to the mark as well as updated with Google terms and conditions, you must take the help of website SEO audit services. The audit service will help you find out your loopholes and figure out a plan.

  • E-commerce SEO Services

For your eCommerce website, it is essential to have higher rankings with the help of Search Engine Optimizations. With local search engine optimization and eCommerce SEO services available from a team of experts, you will help your eCommerce website to stay on the top.

  • Local SEO Services

Take the help of Local SEO Services for your local SEO needs and to get higher rankings for your website in the local in the search engines. The service providers ensure to deliver the best quality local SEO for your website that will help you get more visitors with time. When your local SEO is strategic and on-point, it becomes easier for you to remove negative news articles from Google search results.

Why Remove Negative News Articles From Google Search Results Instantly And How?

Why Remove Negative News Articles From Google Search Results Instantly And How?


Everything comes with a price and the same happens when your business is climbing the ladder of success. The market scenario of twenty-first century is highly saturated and unpredictable risks like data threats, day to day challenges in productivity or reputation hampering is wide spread. Competitive, strategy, economic or operational risks can still be tackled with certain tactics and save an ailing business. But things can get much worse when it is a reputational risk. Reputational risk is one of the leading issues that today’s online businesses are experiencing.

Why Remove Negative News Articles From Google Search Results Instantly And How?

Delaying removal of negative news leads to greater risks

From negative comments, feedbacks to news, the review pages of websites are loaded with such intimidations which are bringing about unnecessary risks for the long-run. Reputational risk can be quite a menace for not only the current stand but the entire life span of the company. It is extremely important to resolve them before too late. If you are experiencing the same issues, learn about how to remove negative news articles from google search results from the experts of Non-stop Digital Media.

Begin a personal or organizational blog

What many companies nowadays do is start a blog that releases positive and influential contents frequently. Plenty of effort is put on these contents to influence the audience and customer psyche in a positive way so that the negative impression can be replaced. Make sure that you post optimized and high quality contents over there. This is one of the comparatively simple and yet effective ways to remove negative news articles from google search results.

Set up high ranking web 2.0 profiles

The next thing you can do is set up high ranking web 2.0 accounts. The web 2.0 is third party blogs that let you make blog on their site and create back links for your official website. It automatically and quickly boosts the ranking of your site. You are allowed to create as many blogs you want and also you can create back links just as per your requirements.

Submit google a legal removal request

This is option can be considered when the above ones has failed. Submitting Google a legal removal request will clear your website from such news that is harming your company reputation. There are certain ways to contact Google legally in such scenario. You have to simply have to fulfill those formalities and you send the request.

However there is no such guarantee that Google shall remove the negative posts just based on the request there are ideal proofs required for the removal process and to showcase transparently that your company deserves the approval at all aspects. There are certain inspections performed by the Goggle authority in these scenarios.

As said and done, the best idea is to seek professional help. One of the top recommended options would be the Non-stop Digital Media. With their expertise and years of experience, the team shall provide you with the solution that best suits you.