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How to Remove Negative Content from Google?


Negative content can bring in several problems for any particular website or brand. It is sure to leave a bad impression on your target audience. When marketing for your brand, your primary interest should be that your target class is satisfied with your products and services. Otherwise, it might be difficult for you to retain the attention of the customers and this is likely to be aggravated by the presence of any negative content on the website.

Why often Google shows negative stories?

Though Google aims to deliver the best results to the users to maintain its reputation in the market, situation could be such that some negative stories come up on the page. Industries who are concerned about the quality of content posted on various pages are of the opinion that there are two reasons for the same.

  • Query Deserves Diversity or QDD
  • Query Deserves Freshness or QDF

Methods to remove the negative contentNon Stop Digital MediaSome of the steps of how to remove negative content from Google are enlisted further.

  • Know the problem and solve it – As soon as you encounter any negative content on the website, do not confuse it with any search engine or technical problem. It is going to hamper your reputation at large. However, you should immediately contact the marketing and the PR team who mainly deals with the shaping of the public perception.
  • List the content as irrelevant – In case the negative content is on any platform that you can handle easily, by exploring settings of the application, you can easily get rid of the same. In case of any website which is handled by a different group of experts, you have to first list the content as outdated, irrelevant or inappropriate.
  • Follow-up to the negative story – A good PR team would help to maintain the follow-up story. Discuss with the PR team, and they can try to change the same from negative to positive.

Use properties from other brands – The authoritative websites can be used to take down negative stories from Google. These are powerful tools in regard to search engines as well. For the same, you can try to build up social media pages that would help to take down the negative stories.

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How to Bury Negative Google Search Results


The basics of branding no longer make the cut when you are trying to push down a negative result on Google. Your campaign needs to have something extra that can bury down the highly optimized negative search results that come with a lot of domain authority. This is where we come into the picture as a reliable team of experts that have been working in the digital arena for years. We understand that the internet can do as much harm as good.

One bad blog post from an employee or a former client can spell doom for your business. Thus, we will help you to arm yourself with the maximum options so that you are able to build a successful brand online. Here’s how we can help you in this situation.

Get the negative result taken down

You can directly take down the negative search result under certain conditions. In terms of how to bury negative google search results, the first thing you can do is check the policies of Google. If the content violates any of the policy setups by Google, you can directly request Google to take it down. Fret not as we will guide you through the process. Negative results can also stem from something you posted or some account that you can access. Delete it immediately so that you can bring the situation under control.

Go for a paid campaign on social media

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Social media can be your best friend in such a situation where you are looking for how to bury negative google search results. We advise that you spend time and money on your online presence. We will guide you through the setup of your paid social media campaign and we can assure you that you will see the positive results with time. We make sure that our client’s positive contents are more visible than other which leads to them having a higher chance of getting additional links and go up the Google rankings. The more positive content you generate, the greater are the chances of burying negative results. We will guide you on the entire process through our expertise.

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How to Get the Best Ripoff Report Removal Service?


Have anyone posted any negative information that can be damaging enough for your business or website? Are you aware of the techniques that can help you to rip off the reports from the Google search results? When the website is considered as ‘Ripped Off,’ it indicates that it must have received some unhappy reviews from some customers or clients. The main problem is that even after the issue has been solved on the page, the report still appears on the website. Therefore, when opting for the best report removal service, you have to check that they are well experienced in removing the negative content from the website.

How does the report removal service help?

This is one of the best complete removal services, and with the help of the same, it is possible to remove the false listing from the website. This is mainly done by following legal procedures with the help of court order. The ripoff report removal service also requires using a social media profile that would help to rank the targeted keyword. In addition to this, additional links can be created for any page that would help to build up a positive side of the page and rank the same in the higher position under ripoff report service.

Random contents might get posted on the website, and it might bring in negative results for the particular website. As soon as the content is posted on the website, it is a responsibility of the owner of the website to take care of the contents. It should be such that the content should not affect the reputation of the page.

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Other means to remove negative content

As soon as the Ripoff Report attacks your business, try to contact the PR team as soon as possible. In addition to this, call the legal counsel to make certain arrangements such that the content is taken down quickly. While the experts might take time to handle the situation, it is better to respond even to any negative query of the customers.

Whichever removal service you seeking help from, make sure that they help with effective removal statements with a court order. This can be regarded as one of the newest in the developments of the ROR procedure that would easily help in the removal of any kind of negative content from the website.

Summary: When in search of some of the best ripoff report removal service, then you can seek help from us to remove the negative content from the listings in Google.