So you have just made a new website and your company has been working at it for quite some months. You have also added considerable informative content to it. Then you decide to search it on Google and what do you see? Your site is not appearing in Google search. We provide you the top search in Google SERP.Our SEO team are full of skilled professionals. We provide top ranking on Google and another search engines as well.

Why site is not appearing in Google search? Let us now understand how to go about submitting your URL to Google.

Listing and Indexing

Firstly, this is an important thing while making a website. The URL has to be submitted to Google. Once you do this, it takes three to six weeks for your website to be visible on Google. But this is not it. Being listed is just the beginning of the fun you would have with your website. Listing is only the first step to the ladder of Internet success. Being ranked is the most crucial thing for a website. Most of the people do not go past the first page of Google, so your aim should be to get indexed such that you appear on the first page of the Google search.

Strategies for Best Optimization

There are various strategies you have to employ to get your website indexed in the first page of Google. This is what SEO is all about. SEO or search engine optimization is a process by which your website would get indexed the right way and would be visible on the first page of Google search. So the reason your site is not featured or is not appearing in Google search is due to wrong indexing and also due to the fact that it might not been even given the URL.

Techniques to Locate Your Website

The URL of any site is like the address of your residence. Similarly, your website needs the rightful address in Google for it to be located when put on search. There are various services which help you to make this happen. So the next time you find a website not being listed on Google search you know what to do.